How You Can Benefit From Using Boat Storage, Even In The Summer Months

summer boating storage can be very useful

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Sometimes you may take your boat out of storage during the summer months, and wonder what you’re going to do with it after a day out on the water. Some people opt to store their boats at their homes, or rent spaces on the water. However, you can still benefit from using Gateway Storage to store your boat, even during the summer months.

In this article we’re going to explore the benefits that using our boat storage services can bring into your life. Even during the summer months.

1. 24 Hour Access

Sometimes you may run into the situation where you need to access your boat at a very odd hour of the day. Perhaps, you left an important item your boat. If your boat is stored on the lake or another large body of water this can be a problem, as you wouldn’t want to venture out onto the lake in the dark of night.

Having guaranteed access to your boat no matter the time of day can be incredibly useful in a time of need.

2. Guaranteed Safety

If your boat is stored on the side of your house, or on a large body of water there is no guarantee your boat is going to be safe. Especially, if other people can access your boat when you’re not around.

Not a direct safety threat, but the chances of receiving a ticket by having your boat parked illegally are very high in Woodbridge and the surrounding counties. By using our Woodbridge boat storage facilities you’re able to guarantee your boat will be safe and under a watchful eye.

3. Lasting Protection

The dangers of inclement weather effecting your boat are very high. When your utilize our Woodbridge boat storage facilities you’re guaranteed extra wide aisles, separate storage areas, clearly marked asphalt parking spaces, and a ground maintenance crew that will ensure there is no debris around your boat.

Compare this to your boat being secured next to a bunch of other boats, tied to a local public dock, or parked on the street underneath a tree. The protection you’ll receive from our storage will help to extend the life of your boat.

4. Possible Charging Capabilities

If you have an older boat, your battery might not quite hold the same level of charge it used to. If you’re storing your boat away from a facility you could be out of luck when you try to start your boat.

We have dedicated electric spaces to keep your boat charged up at all times.

Your boat demands the best. This means it’s a smart decision to use our boat storage services, even throughout the summer months. If you’re looking for an incomparable boat storage solution across Northern Virginia, or the Woodbridge, Alexandria and Springfield counties then get in touch with Gateway Storage today.

How Local Contractors Can Benefit From Storage

Springfield contractor benefits

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If you’re a local Springfield contractor then you already know how much you have on your plate. You have to worry about fulfilling your clients needs, keeping track of employees, getting new leads, and much more. The last thing you want to do at the end of a long work day is have to keep track of all of your equipment and company vehicles. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could simply take the day to relax, once you’ve clocked out?

There is one road that a lot of companies have overlooked. The way is simple. Hire Gateway Storage to store and protect all of your expensive equipment and company vehicles. In this article we’re going to examine exactly how local contractors can benefit from our services.

1. Less Worry, More Security

As we alluded to in the opening, you have enough to worry about as a small business owner. You don’t need to add things onto your plate. Instead, you should be hiring out in order to reduce your workload so you can enjoy your life. By working with a storage company we can ensure your precious equipment is protected 24/7. This means that you won’t have to worry about your own facilities being secure, or have to hire a separate security firm to look over your office.

The process couldn’t be easier: you receive the right sized lot for all of your equipment, bring your equipment over, and you’re all set. You’ll have a selection of gate access devices, and will even have the ability to adjust the size of your lot if your storage needs change (one month’s notice required to downsize).

2. Better Employee Tracking

If you’re managing a large local contractor team it’s always beneficial to keep tabs on your employees. Upon request, we can provide a limited number of access reports.

More effective monitoring of your equipment will allow you to see which areas of your business you need to optimize, and which areas you could do without. The best part about using Gateway Storage is its proximity to local neighborhoods where most of your work will take place. Just a short turn off I-95 and you’ll be turning into our storage lots.

3. Seasonal Storage

If your business has different levels of workloads or utilizes different types of equipment during the summer or winter months, then using a Springfield storage service might be your best option. That way you’ll be able to keep tabs on your equipment even when it hasn’t been in use for months.

We also offer flexible storage options in order to cater to your storage needs – there is no need to pay for a larger storage space if your don’t need it for a few months.

I hope you’ve found this article beneficial and are thinking about how working with us can ease any stress and strain you’re currently feeling in your business. If you’re a local contractor in the Woodbridge, Alexandria, Springfield counties or all across Northern Virginia, then get in touch with Gateway Storage today.

5 Reasons To Use Gateway Storage You May have Overlooked

Alexandria storage overlook

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There are many beneficial reasons to use storage. However, a storage company is a lot more than empty rooms to store your goods. We offer creative means to solve a ton of your problems. For instance, are you trying to transport goods across the country? We offer logistics services to help manage the shipping and storage of your goods from coast to coast.

This is just one facet of our business that goes well beyond typical storage means. Keep reading to find out more unique ways that Gateway Storage can enhance your life.

1. We Offer Container Storage Options

As we mentioned above storing a lot of goods can be hassle. You not only have to keep track of everything, but you have to figure out how you’re going to get your goods to where you want them to go in a timely manner. We offer a dedicated container loading space for loading and unloading the goods from your internationally shipped port container. Then, our containers are only a minimum rental of one full calendar month.

2. We Take Care Of Your Boats

If you have a boat then you’ll want to check out our storage options. We know how difficult it can be to find a place for your boat, especially within the Alexandria areas where parking restrictions can be very tight.

We offer a wide range of boat storage options to ensure your boat remains safe. Electric spaces available!

3. We Help Small Businesses

If you’re a small business owner then we don’t have to go into just how much work you have on your plate. Our unique blend of Alexandria storage solutions, warehousing, parking and logistical services can greatly impact your bottom line. We’ve worked with wedding planners, mobile vehicle detailers, construction companies, and much more.

We’re very familiar with the common struggles you’ll face as a small business owner and we’re dedicated to serving you in the best way possible.

4. We Provide Combination Spaces

Some storage companies just offer container storage, or outdoor spaces. We’re unique in that we can custom tailor creative Alexandria storage solutions. If you need to have fenced outdoor storage coupled with a container you can use to keep your goods dry, we can do this. By being flexible we believe we can better serve our clients needs.

If you’re in need of a flexible storage solution, get in touch with Gateway Storage today.

5. Our Location Beats The Competition

A lot of storage companies have locations that make them more of hassle to use than anything else. We believe that for a storage company to be effective you should be able to access your goods whenever you need them. Our easy storage center location, right off of I-95 makes picking up and dropping off your goods a breeze.

If you’re looking for a flexible storage solution for your boat, car, goods, or business supplies then get in touch with Gateway Storage today. We serve customers all across the Woodbridge, Alexandria, and Springfield areas, as well as all of Northern Virginia.

What Local Boating Regulations Do You Need To Know?

Woodbridge Boating Regulations

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If you’re taking your boat out of storage and getting it ready for the sumer months you’ll want to make sure you’re well versed in the boating regulations you’ll need to know to keep safe on the water. You’d hate to get fined or have an accident occur, because you made a mistake or broke the law on the water.

In this article we’re going to cover the local boating regulations that you need to know before you take your boat out of Woodbridge boat storage and onto the lake or the river.

Knowing Where To Boat

Any waterways that allow boating within Woodbridge and other Northern Virginia counties will always be marked. Some waterways also don’t allow motorboats, so make sure you’re complying with all local regulations before you launch your boat out onto the water. By following the links below you’ll be able to decide if the body of water you want to take your boat out on is actually safe.

Staying Safe On The Water

One of the best ways to stay safe on the water is by taking a boater safety course. These courses will help to ensure you know all the local and state regulations, and you know how to operate your boat in a safe manner. Just keep in mind that the certificate you receive from this kind of course is not the same as a boating license and in the future you may need both to boat legally.

Besides an education course, the rules for proper boating are actually very simple. Below you’ll find a short list of recommended steps you can take to ensure your safety and the safety of others in your party.

  • Lifevests are mandatory for every member of your party
  • Know the directional rules of the lake before putting your boat in the water.
  • Ensure your boat is in safe working condition, both internally and externally.
  • Do not consume alcohol or drugs aboard your boat.
  • Know the proper procedures for reporting accidents.
  • This link will provide you with access to your local Woodbridge boating regulations and watercraft knowledge.

Staying safe should be one of your main concerns on the water. Overall, when it comes to knowledge of the law the more you know the better. Take the time to educate yourself.

I hope this article has been valuable and will help you stay safe and ticket free on your boat this summer. Remember, when it comes time to store your boat make sure you get in touch with Gateway Storage. We offer Woodbridge boat storage solutions to residents of Woodbridge, Alexandria, Springfield and all across Northern Virginia. Get in touch with Gateway Storage today to discuss how we can serve your boating storage needs.

How Gateway Storage Can Take Care Of Your Local Parking Needs

Woodbridge Parking Solutions

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Finding safe and reliable parking throughout Woodbridge can be a real hassle. If you only have one vehicle then you may have no trouble finding and maintaining parking. However, for those of us that have more than one vehicle, it can be a real nightmare.

In this article we’re going to take a look at how using a company like Gateway Storage can help to ease a stressful parking situation.

1. Flexible Parking Options

If you’ve been trying to find flexible parking in the Woodbridge area then you know how difficult it can be. If you have more than one vehicle, then I’m sure you’ve been subject to tickets and fines in the past.

Arlington storage companies offer flexible solutions for your parking needs. Whether you have two cars, or three giant school buses we can create a custom Woodbridge car storage solution for your needs.

Say goodbye to tickets and regimented parking enforcement.

2. Guaranteed Safety Of Your Vehicles

When you park your vehicle on the streets of Woodbridge there’s no telling what’s going to happen to your vehicle. Even in a relatively safe neighborhood your car is still subject to natural influences, or a potential accident.

Within the safe confines of our storage facility your car or fleet of vehicles are absolutely safe.

3. Reduced Worry And Stress

Now that your vehicles are safe and free of possible ticketing or fines, there’s nothing left for you to worry about. You’ll also never have to think about finding enough parking for all of your vehicles ever again. You’ll always have a space that’s reserved just for you, as long as you need it.

If keeping track of and managing your vehicles creates any stress at all in your life, then it may be time to consider Woodbridge storage.

4. Reduced Costs

Believe it or not, investing in Woodbridge car storage might actually end up saving you money in the long run. We all know how expensive tickets can be and they really add up. The price you’ve been paying for fines every month might actually cover the costs of storing your car in a safe, protected area.

Overall, investing in Woodbridge car storage only will bring positive things into your life. Whether it comes in the form of less stress and worry, monetary savings, or simply increased flexibility in your life

At Gateway Storage we want to assist you in finding your dream storage solution today. We serve the Woodbridge, Alexandria, Springfield and all across Northern Virginia. Get in touch with Gateway Storage today.

Think Your Local Company Can’t Benefit From Storage, Think Again

Commercial storage options

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If you live in Springfield or any of the outlying areas, then your local company might want to think about investing in storage. You may have used storage in the past to simply hold onto excess goods. However, you can utilize storage in flexible and creative ways that can actually help your business grow.

Our Springfield storage solutions offer a lot more than simply storing extra goods. In this article we’re going to take a look at some of the benefits your company will gain if you decide to use our storage services. Regardless of the type of company or clientele you serve you can benefit from using our storage services.

1. Give Your Business Room To Grow

Investing in Springfield storage is essentially giving your business more room to blossom. Your commercial business probably requires a lot of space to store equipment. This can range from tools, to trucks, to safety equipment, to building materials, the list is literally endless and depends upon the type of business you’re currently running.By having more space you can afford more trucks, which means more employees and a larger service area.

If you have too many vehicles for you place of business and are struggling with parking regulations you can park your entire fleet at our storage area with ease.

2. Reduce Worry Over Safety Of Equipment

When you have thousands upon thousands of dollars of equipment you’d hate to leave it overnight unattended. Of course, depending upon the amount of storage space you have at your place of business you may have to do exactly that. Sometimes, the worry over the safety of equipment and your fleet of vehicles may even keep you up at night.

Our Springfield commercial storage facilities have 24/7 security features which will keep your entire fleet and any other equipment completely safe.

3. Flexibility For Seasonal Businesses

If you have a seasonal business that only utilizes certain types of equipment for certain seasons, then you may want to try out our flexible storage options. We work with you to develop a storage situation that’s all your own. That means you could have a smaller storage space during the seasons when all of your equipment is in use, and then expand your storage allotment during the off-season.

We hope you decide to use our storage services to help your business grow and serve the local community in an even greater way. We serve our residents and military personnel from Woodbridge, Alexandria, Springfield and all across Northern Virginia. Give us a call today at (703) 339-0009, so we can talk about your needs!


Why Location Matters When Choosing A Storage Company


Location matters

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Trying to find the right storage company for your unique business needs can be tough. Packing aside, there are all sorts of logistical details that need to be sorted out in order for you to have a smooth transition into storage.

In this article we’re going to take a look at a few of the most common, yet overlooked, reasons that you need to take the location of your storage center into account.

1. Last Minute Moving

Anytime you’re transporting goods, you’ll want to make sure you’re doing everything in your power to make this process as simple as possible. For instance, what if you had to drop goods off at your storage container at the end of a hard working day. The last thing you’d want is to have to go out of your way and spend needless time driving.

If you ever need to access your goods in a hurry you’ll want your storage container to be as close as possible. This may even mean considering one of our Alexandria car storage options.

2. Being Able To Access Your Goods

Sometimes storage companies are located on the outskirts of town. This makes it difficult to drop off goods. Or, even access your stored goods and vehicles on a daily basis.

If you’re planning on using the storage facility to store your truck or other equipment for work, then you’ll definitely want to consider the location of the facility in relation to your place of business.

Face it, time is money. When you’re spending massive amounts of time moving goods back and forth to your storage unit, then you’re losing money.

At Gateway storage we do everything we can to cater to your Alexandria commercial storage needs. Our accessible location, right off I-95 makes it easy to access your business equipment all day long.

3. Location Beats Price

Some people decide how they’re going to store their goods based upon the monthly costs of Alexandria car storage. This is the wrong way to go about it. Sure, price matters. However, the location is even more important.

Who knows, the amount of money you’ll pay in gas just driving to another facility might equate the overall cost. The best thing about working with Gateway Storage, is that we offer flexible options depending on your needs. So, if price is your determining factor, it’s important to discuss it with us first.

We serve residents and military personnel across the Woodbridge, Alexandria, and Springfield area, as well as all of Northern Virginia. Get in touch with Gateway Storage today to discuss your options for commercial and care storage.

3 Reasons Your Car Might Not Be As Safe As You Think

Photo Credit: alicegop

Photo Credit: alicegop

You may think that your car is safe when you park it on the street. Most times it will be, however, all is takes is one time and your safety is compromised. Whether you’re parking on the street, or in your driveway there are still concerns you may not have thought of.

In this article we’re going to cover three of the biggest dangers you’ll face from parking your car in the street or in your driveway, and lastly what you can do to increase your safety by utilizing car storage.

Remember, the safety of your car is entirely in your hands. It’s up to you how you decide to store your vehicles.

1. Increased danger of theft

When you park your car along the street there’s an increased chance of theft. Either of your car, or objects you’re storing in your car. Even if you live in a relatively safe neighborhood, there’s still the chance of burglars coming into your neighborhood during the nighttime hours.

If your car is in your garage it’s usually much safer. However, if you have more than one car and you have to park it in the street you’re increasing your chance of risk.

2. Parking tickets and violations

Parking tickets are very prevalent in the Alexandria area. Of course, you can do whatever you can to avoid them, but the regulations are very strict. With the sheer amount of tickets the police department writes every year, you would think that people would learn the regulations by now. However, this isn’t always the case.

If you have several cars you know the difficulties of trying to park your cars in a legal manner. Over time, paying tickets can get very expensive.

3. Exposure to the elements

Parking a car outside also brings other dangers with it. For example, if you park your car underneath a tree and a branch happens to break and fall on your vehicle, then you’ll have to deal with the damages to your car, as well as the handle the insurance companies.

The outside environment also includes other cars. If you park your precious vehicle on the street there’s also an increased chance of being hit by another car.

All of these damages could have been avoided, if only there was another way.

What Can You Do To Avoid These?

If you’d rather pass on having to go through theft, damage and parking tickets there is another option at your disposal. Invest in personal Alexandria car storage. Although this option may seem like a hassle, we’ve have a streamlined storage process that is completely customizable to your needs.

We offer Alexandria car storage and short term and long term parking. Our facilities are secured 24/7 and you get a personal pin for easy access. We serve residents and military personnel across the Woodbridge, Alexandria, and Springfield area, as well as all of Northern Virginia. Get in touch with Gateway Storage today.

Tips On Getting Your Boat Ready For The Warm Weather

Photo Credit: Chase Lewis

Photo Credit: Chase Lewis

When the weather starts to get warm you’ll want to make sure you’re ready to take your boat out of storage. After all, you’ll want to take your boat out the moment the weather allows you to. It’s important to perform an inspection sooner rather than later, you’d hate to try to take your boat out onto the water and have it not work.

In this article we’re going to highlight the steps you can take to de-winterize your boat and get it ready for warmer weather.

1. Start With Your Engine

Without your engine in proper condition your boat won’t be very effective. De-winterizing your engine will probably be the longest part of the process. If you didn’t change the oil before you brought your boat into Woodbridge car storage you’ll want to do this now. While you’re changing the oil it’s a good idea to also change your oil filter. After the oil change is complete it’s important to flush the cooling system and replace all the fluids.

Finally run an engine test and see where you’re at.

2. Inspect Your Vinyl and Canvas

Spend some time going over your seats, covers and top for any tears, dirt or mildew. Make sure to repair any tears and clean up any mildew or stains with the proper cleaners.

3. Review the Hull

During this phase you’ll want to inspect the hull for any chalky residue, as well as chips or cracks. If any chips or cracks appear you’ll want to repair them before you take your boat out on the water.

If you find the hull is chalky upon inspection, this usually points to oxidation. You’ll want to determine the level of oxidation you’re experiencing, and start a gelcoat plan to restore its luster.

4. Clean and Wax the Hull and Boat

Use a boat cleaner to clean the boats exterior. Once this is done you’ll want to apply a fresh coast of wax.

5. Polish Wood and Metal

Depending on your boat, you may have a combination of wood and metal or simply, one or the other. You’ll want to take time inspecting these materials, to see if, they need any repair or maintenance. Long-term neglect of these elements can lead to an eventual compromise of their integrity.

6. Test All Electronics

The last thing you’ll want to test are the electronics. It’s important that these are working correctly, before you get out onto the water. This includes the radio, depth finder, GPS, and any other electronics you may have.

I hope this article has been valuable and you now know what you need to do to once you take your boat out of Woodbridge car storage. Also, it’s important to do continued maintenance on your boat throughout spring and summer. By keeping up on maintenance and taking care of your boat, you’ll ensure several summers full of boating fun.

We serve our residents and military personnel from Woodbridge, Alexandria, Springfield and all across Northern Virginia. Give us a call today at (703) 339-0009, so we can talk about your needs!

How To Prepare Your Classic Car For Storage

When you’re preparing your car for storage there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. The last thing you want to occur is have to spend a serious amount of time getting your car ready for driving, once you’ve decided to remove it from storage.

By spending a little time up front you’ll save yourself a ton of worry and hassle in the future. In this article we’re going to cover a few steps you can take to make sure you protect your classic car, before you take your car to an Alexandria car storage facility.

Getting a classic car ready for storage is a different process than any of your other vehicles. It’s important to take extra time and care with your vehicle to ensure it’s safety, no matter the time of year.

Ensure Your Tank Is Full

One of the biggest obstacles you’ll face when trying to protect your classic car is moisture. By keeping your gas tank full you’ll minimize the chances of moisture occurring in the gas tank or the or fuel lines. If the rule level drops, it presents a better condition for moisture to form, which can lead to corrosion.

Another good reason to top off your fuel tank, is due to sediment that may form at the bottom of the tank. If you run your car at too low of a fuel level there’s a good chance that sediment will get dragged through the engine.

Use Fresh Gasoline

Modern gasoline doesn’t compare to the gasoline that cars ran on when your classic car was built. As a result you’ll want to ensure you fill up your car with the highest octane fuel available. Since the structure of gasoline actually changes after 60 days you’ll want to ensure you add a fuel stabilizer to your tank, such as Sta-Bil. This will help your gasoline to stay in the same composition over extended periods of time.

Change Out The Fluids

If you don’t change out the oils and fluids in your car on a regular basis, it can cause excessive wear and tear on your engine. Before you bring your car to storage make sure you take a nice warm up run, drain out the old oil and pour in new lube. This can also be a good time to change the oil filter, if you car has one.

Do A Thorough Cleaning

By taking the time to wash your car on a regular basis you’ll keep it in pristine condition for years. When you’re cleaning your car for storage, take the time as if you were getting it ready for a big car show. Make sure you get every nook and cranny on the inside of your car. After you’ve washed the outside of the car it can be a good idea to apply a coat of wax to protect your car from dust and other objects. You may even want to throw a few silica packets onto the floor of your car to soak up any extra moisture.

Lube Up The Joints

It can also be smart to lube up all the locks, latches and hinges you car has, to prevent them from locking up when it’s in Alexandria car storage. You can even use a little bit of grease to coat the weatherstripping and any other seals on your vehicle.

Use Plastic Sheeting

It’s a good idea to place a plastic sheet below your car to prevent any dampness or moisture from rising up into the bottom of the car. Also, to ensure extra moisture protection make sure you fill the tailpipes with steel wool, just remember to take it out before you drive your car!

Jack Up The Vehicle

It’s a good idea to jack up your car to ensure you’re taking the load off the tires and suspension. You can use a trolley jack to hold up your vehicle. It can also be wise to place wooden blocks under the suspension, so it isn’t fully extended the entire time you’re in storage. You’ll also want to make sure the car is in neutral, and the parking brake is disengaged, so nothing locks up.

Use A High Quality Car Cover

A quality car cover can go a long way. Make sure you invest in a breathable cover that will allow moisture to escape and prevent any extra dust from settling on your vehicle. If you can find a cover that’s designed to fit the body of your car, it will protect it even better.

I hope you’ve found this article helpful and have a better idea of the steps you need to take if you want to maintain your classic car, even when it’s in Alexandria car storage.

If you’re still looking for a place to store your classic car, then get in touch with Gateway Storage, we serve the Woodbridge, Alexandria, Springfield and all across Northern Virginia.

Let’s discuss your situation, get in touch today!