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How To Effectively Prep Your Summer Vehicles For Storage

storing your summer vehicle

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When it comes time to store your summer vehicles away for the fall and winter months, you’ll need to make sure you store them properly so they stay in the best possible condition. If you simply store away your car without taking any necessary precautions you could come back to a dead battery, or something much worse.

The steps below will help to ensure your car remains in optimal condition until it’s time to remove your car from Woodbridge storage once more.

1. Wash The Inside And Out

Any stains that get left on the vehicle can end up leaving stains or doing other long-term damage. As a precaution you should wash your car, so there won’t be any long-term damage to the paint.

Also, make sure you wash the rims, underside and interior of the car as well.

2. Change The Oil

If you’re only storing your vehicle short-term then you could probably get away with not changing the oil. However, if you’re storing the vehicle for longer than 30 days, then getting your oil changed is an absolute necessity.

Some used engine oils contain contaminants, which can end up doing long-term damage to your engine.

3. Fill Up The Tank

Filling up your gas tank helps to prevent any excess moisture from accumulating inside the tank, and also prevents the seals from drying out. You can also use a fuel stabilizer which will help prevent the buildup of ethanol, and protect the engine from, rust and varnish.

4. Charge The Battery

If you leave your battery unattended it will eventually lose the charge. There are a few different options you have available at your disposal if you’re trying to keep the battery charged up.

The first is to take the car out of storage every few weeks for a little 15 minute drive. This will help to make sure the battery stays charged and it will also ensure the other elements of the engine stay lubricated.

The second option is to disconnect the negative side of the battery cable, which will cause certain technological components of your car to reset, namely, the clock and radio.

The third option is to purchase a trickle charger, which plugs into the wall and gives your battery just enough of a charge to keep it from draining.

5. Avoid Flat Spots

Make sure that your tires are inflated to the optimum pressure. If your tires are too low they could develop flat spots. This is more likely to occur if you’re in colder climates, or have lower profile tires.

This can be remedied by taking the car out for a drive every once in a while. Or, for longer Woodbridge car storage circumstances you could actually remove the tires and store your vehicle on jack stands.

6. Watch Out For Squirrels

Lastly, you’ll want to do what you can to prevent squirrels and other critters from taking up refuge inside of your vehicle. Since, your car is going to be stored in a nice warm and dry environment, there are little animals that are looking for that exact same kind of environment.

The best way to keep your car safe is by stuffing steel wool into any openings, such as, the tailpipe.

By following the steps above you’ll ensure your car remains in great condition even after sitting in storage for months on end.

If you’re interested in storing your summer vehicles then get in touch with Gateway Storage today. We love to serve our customers and veterans across Alexandria, Woodbridge, and Springfield counties, as well as most of Northern Virginia

Why You Should Consider Storage As The Summer Season Comes To An End

summer coming to an end consider gateway storage

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As the summer comes to an end the time comes to start thinking about what you’re going to do with the rest of your summer goods. You could attempt to stuff them into the cracks and corners of your home, or store them away in your garage to be forgotten forever.

However, there is also another way. We offer Woodbridge self storage services that can help you handle the influx of summer goods. Who knows, this could have been the summer you decided to finally purchase the boat of your dreams.

Whatever extra goods you’ve acquired during the summer we can help you store them in a beneficial and efficient manner. Keep reading to figure out if you need to consider our Woodbridge storage facility for the fast approaching fall.

You’ve Acquired Extra Goods Over The Summer Months

Sometimes the good times of summer tend to lead to implies purchases. Or at the very least, justification to finally purchase a big ticket item you’ve been wanting to buy for a long time.

This may mean this year was the year you decided to purchase your dream boat, without thinking about where it’s going to be stored when the temperature start to drop.

Or, you may have decided to buy a classic car so you could cruise around Northern Virginia during the summer months, but you don’t have a place to store it once summer is over.

If any of the above sound familiar, then we can help. We specialize in storage services for a variety of circumstances, including extra overflow goods, classic cars, and powerboats.

You’re Downsizing Into A New Home In The Fall

On some occasions the fall season means it’s time to downsize into a smaller home or apartment. When this need arises it can be hard to get rid of goods and household items you’ve had for a very long time. Many of these items hold sentimental value.

Instead of disposing with them you can store them in our Woodbridge storage facilities for as short or as long as you’d like. We offer many flexible storage options to cater to your needs. Our location right off of I-95 makes it easy to pick up and drop off your goods whenever the need arises.

Remember, just because you don’t have room for your current goods doesn’t mean you have to throw them away. By using our Woodbridge storage services you’ll be able to keep your favorite stuff with room to spare.

We love to serve our customers and veterans across the Alexandria, Woodbridge, and Springfield counties, as well as most of Northern Virginia. Get in touch if you’re in need of some extra storage space.

How Gateway Storage Can Take Care Of Your Local Parking Needs

Woodbridge Parking Solutions

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Finding safe and reliable parking throughout Woodbridge can be a real hassle. If you only have one vehicle then you may have no trouble finding and maintaining parking. However, for those of us that have more than one vehicle, it can be a real nightmare.

In this article we’re going to take a look at how using a company like Gateway Storage can help to ease a stressful parking situation.

1. Flexible Parking Options

If you’ve been trying to find flexible parking in the Woodbridge area then you know how difficult it can be. If you have more than one vehicle, then I’m sure you’ve been subject to tickets and fines in the past.

Arlington storage companies offer flexible solutions for your parking needs. Whether you have two cars, or three giant school buses we can create a custom Woodbridge car storage solution for your needs.

Say goodbye to tickets and regimented parking enforcement.

2. Guaranteed Safety Of Your Vehicles

When you park your vehicle on the streets of Woodbridge there’s no telling what’s going to happen to your vehicle. Even in a relatively safe neighborhood your car is still subject to natural influences, or a potential accident.

Within the safe confines of our storage facility your car or fleet of vehicles are absolutely safe.

3. Reduced Worry And Stress

Now that your vehicles are safe and free of possible ticketing or fines, there’s nothing left for you to worry about. You’ll also never have to think about finding enough parking for all of your vehicles ever again. You’ll always have a space that’s reserved just for you, as long as you need it.

If keeping track of and managing your vehicles creates any stress at all in your life, then it may be time to consider Woodbridge storage.

4. Reduced Costs

Believe it or not, investing in Woodbridge car storage might actually end up saving you money in the long run. We all know how expensive tickets can be and they really add up. The price you’ve been paying for fines every month might actually cover the costs of storing your car in a safe, protected area.

Overall, investing in Woodbridge car storage only will bring positive things into your life. Whether it comes in the form of less stress and worry, monetary savings, or simply increased flexibility in your life

At Gateway Storage we want to assist you in finding your dream storage solution today. We serve the Woodbridge, Alexandria, Springfield and all across Northern Virginia. Get in touch with Gateway Storage today.

3 Reasons Your Car Might Not Be As Safe As You Think

Photo Credit: alicegop

Photo Credit: alicegop

You may think that your car is safe when you park it on the street. Most times it will be, however, all is takes is one time and your safety is compromised. Whether you’re parking on the street, or in your driveway there are still concerns you may not have thought of.

In this article we’re going to cover three of the biggest dangers you’ll face from parking your car in the street or in your driveway, and lastly what you can do to increase your safety by utilizing car storage.

Remember, the safety of your car is entirely in your hands. It’s up to you how you decide to store your vehicles.

1. Increased danger of theft

When you park your car along the street there’s an increased chance of theft. Either of your car, or objects you’re storing in your car. Even if you live in a relatively safe neighborhood, there’s still the chance of burglars coming into your neighborhood during the nighttime hours.

If your car is in your garage it’s usually much safer. However, if you have more than one car and you have to park it in the street you’re increasing your chance of risk.

2. Parking tickets and violations

Parking tickets are very prevalent in the Alexandria area. Of course, you can do whatever you can to avoid them, but the regulations are very strict. With the sheer amount of tickets the police department writes every year, you would think that people would learn the regulations by now. However, this isn’t always the case.

If you have several cars you know the difficulties of trying to park your cars in a legal manner. Over time, paying tickets can get very expensive.

3. Exposure to the elements

Parking a car outside also brings other dangers with it. For example, if you park your car underneath a tree and a branch happens to break and fall on your vehicle, then you’ll have to deal with the damages to your car, as well as the handle the insurance companies.

The outside environment also includes other cars. If you park your precious vehicle on the street there’s also an increased chance of being hit by another car.

All of these damages could have been avoided, if only there was another way.

What Can You Do To Avoid These?

If you’d rather pass on having to go through theft, damage and parking tickets there is another option at your disposal. Invest in personal Alexandria car storage. Although this option may seem like a hassle, we’ve have a streamlined storage process that is completely customizable to your needs.

We offer Alexandria car storage and short term and long term parking. Our facilities are secured 24/7 and you get a personal pin for easy access. We serve residents and military personnel across the Woodbridge, Alexandria, and Springfield area, as well as all of Northern Virginia. Get in touch with Gateway Storage today.

Tips On Getting Your Boat Ready For The Warm Weather

Photo Credit: Chase Lewis

Photo Credit: Chase Lewis

When the weather starts to get warm you’ll want to make sure you’re ready to take your boat out of storage. After all, you’ll want to take your boat out the moment the weather allows you to. It’s important to perform an inspection sooner rather than later, you’d hate to try to take your boat out onto the water and have it not work.

In this article we’re going to highlight the steps you can take to de-winterize your boat and get it ready for warmer weather.

1. Start With Your Engine

Without your engine in proper condition your boat won’t be very effective. De-winterizing your engine will probably be the longest part of the process. If you didn’t change the oil before you brought your boat into Woodbridge car storage you’ll want to do this now. While you’re changing the oil it’s a good idea to also change your oil filter. After the oil change is complete it’s important to flush the cooling system and replace all the fluids.

Finally run an engine test and see where you’re at.

2. Inspect Your Vinyl and Canvas

Spend some time going over your seats, covers and top for any tears, dirt or mildew. Make sure to repair any tears and clean up any mildew or stains with the proper cleaners.

3. Review the Hull

During this phase you’ll want to inspect the hull for any chalky residue, as well as chips or cracks. If any chips or cracks appear you’ll want to repair them before you take your boat out on the water.

If you find the hull is chalky upon inspection, this usually points to oxidation. You’ll want to determine the level of oxidation you’re experiencing, and start a gelcoat plan to restore its luster.

4. Clean and Wax the Hull and Boat

Use a boat cleaner to clean the boats exterior. Once this is done you’ll want to apply a fresh coast of wax.

5. Polish Wood and Metal

Depending on your boat, you may have a combination of wood and metal or simply, one or the other. You’ll want to take time inspecting these materials, to see if, they need any repair or maintenance. Long-term neglect of these elements can lead to an eventual compromise of their integrity.

6. Test All Electronics

The last thing you’ll want to test are the electronics. It’s important that these are working correctly, before you get out onto the water. This includes the radio, depth finder, GPS, and any other electronics you may have.

I hope this article has been valuable and you now know what you need to do to once you take your boat out of Woodbridge car storage. Also, it’s important to do continued maintenance on your boat throughout spring and summer. By keeping up on maintenance and taking care of your boat, you’ll ensure several summers full of boating fun.

We serve our residents and military personnel from Woodbridge, Alexandria, Springfield and all across Northern Virginia. Give us a call today at (703) 339-0009, so we can talk about your needs!

Why You Should Consider Storing Your Junk Car

To some people, their “junk” cars are their pride and joy. They’re weekend projects that someday are going to be transformed into beautiful masterpieces. However, your neighbors or people passing by your home may not feel the same way. When you look at your car you see its potential, when they look at it they see a pile of junk.

You might not think this is an issue. However, according to local regulations you can be fined or ticketed if your car poses a threat to community safety.

Storing your “junk” car can be done safely and easily, if you’ve had a single thought about storing your “junk” car do yourself a favor and take a look at our top reasons for using Gateway Storage Center’s car storage below.

You’ve Been Receiving Tickets Or Fines

If you’ve received any tickets or fines for you inoperable or “junk vehicle”, then car storage can definitely be your best option. That way you’ll make your neighbors and the authorities happy, all while saving yourself money. The price you’ll pay for storage every month can actually be cheaper than the tickets you’ve been receiving.

You Don’t Think You’re Going To Finish Your Project Anytime Soon

You may love the idea of finally restoring your car to its pristine state. However, this someday is so far into the future that your “junk” car may not be fully restored anytime soon. After all, you have a job, a life, and a family to maintain.

Sometimes, it can be a good idea to store your car at a car parking facility until you finally have time in your schedule to finish the restoration. This can even reduce your mental workload as well, because you won’t have to see your unfinished vehicle every single day.

You’re Worried About The Safety Of Your Vehicle

If you have a “junk” vehicle, that is actually a classic car and just needs some love. Then you may be worried about keeping your vehicle safe. Instead of staying up at night worrying, it can be much easier to take your car to a Prince William County car storage facility. That way you’ll ensure it’s safety, no matter where you are.

If you have an inoperable, or “junk” car, then  car parking can be an incredible option that can save you stress, worry and even a little money.

We cater to residents and military personnel from Woodbridge, Alexandria, Springfield and all across Northern Virginia. Let’s discuss your situation–give us a call today!

Trouble With Parking? Consider Storage Instead

Let’s face it, parking can be tough. If you own more than one vehicle, or have a large family with multiple vehicles then you know how difficult it can be to park all of your vehicles in a safe manner.

After all, satisfying all of the parking regulations can be tough.

Who knows, you may even end up paying more in fines, than you would if you considered another option. What is that other option, you ask?

Northern Virginia car storage.

Why is it so hard to park multiple cars?

When you have multiple vehicles on your hands, trying to stay within the arm of the law can have you pulling out your hair.

First, you may have a few “junk” cars, that happen to be weekend projects for you. The issue with this is that your project may be seen as a pile of junk, according to your neighbor or a passerby. It is even possible that you can obtain a citation from the city.

Second, you may own more than one car and not have enough parking. There’s a good chance that some of these cars can be show cars, cars that don’t work anymore, or even cars that you simply don’t drive anymore.

Inoperative cars, if they haven’t been certified as safe, can be given a ticket, if they’re parked outside of your garage or on the street.

Even if your cars work perfectly, you may simply have no place to park them. This could lead to parking them in non-designated zones, such as your grass, or side of the house. It might sound tempting, but it can also lead to a ticket.

As you can see, finding the proper place to park multiple cars can be a complete hassle.

How can Gateway Storage Center’s car storage ease my situation?

Using a proper car parking facility will allow you to sleep easy, knowing your car or cars are safe and protected. After all, the cost of storage might actually be cheaper than the tickets you’re going to rack up parking them in illegal ways.

By having a car in storage you’ll always know where it is. Plus, is you really want to drive that car, or work on it, you can simply take the car out of storage. Think of it as having an extra garage.

As an added bonus, you can even store your “junk” cars, that you aren’t ready to get rid of yet, or are still trying to revive from the dead.

All in all, Gateway Storage Center’s car storage is your best bet, if you want to save yourself the hassle and stress of always having to find extra parking.

We serve our residents and military personnel from Woodbridge, Alexandria, Springfield and all across Northern Virginia. Let’s discuss your situation–give us a call today!

Three Reasons Why You Should Store Your Junk Car with Gateway Storage.

Having trouble deciding what to do with you junk car? If you live in Northern Virginia including Prince William County, Woodbridge, Alexandria, etc and have a junk car–then this article is for you. Here are the top 3 reasons why Gateway Storage is the ideal place to store your old or junk car.

1. Antique or Eyesore?

Do you own a car that is an “engine tinkering project”? There is that saying, “One person’s eyesore is another person’s antique” and it’s true. Perhaps your neighbors disapprove but you can’t really see your baby that way. But you got a notice from your county that your non-working car cannot be parked in your driveway.

While the county cannot decide what does and does not look good; it does have the responsibility of keeping vehicles and residential areas safe. Accordingly, it designates any car without current tags or inspection stickers as ‘inoperative’. They cannot be parked in your driveway and neither can they be parked on the lawn. In fact all vehicles in Prince William County can only be parked on an ‘improved road’.

At Gateway storage, we permit you to store your antique cars or “engine tinkering projects”. You don’t have to worry about residential parking restrictions. Although maintenance or working on your car is not permitted– you can store it here until you decide to move it for repairs or otherwise. We can recommend a towing service with reasonable prices.

2. Your car is taking up much needed space on your property

If you’re like most people, you don’t have the extra space to park your car in your driveway or at the least it is inconvenient to do so. Also, did you know that it is illegal to park vehicles on the lawn anywhere in Prince William County? Yep–so that is out of the question too. What do you do? Easy… Free up that space on your driveway by keeping your car at Gateway Storage Center until you decide what to do with it.

3. No need for Tags and Registration.

At Gateway Storage Center, we don’t require any tags or inspection stickers whatsoever. You can park your car in whatever condition it is in, here, for as long as you want. Our storage facility is well lit, is well secured and has 24/7 surveillance so you can have peace of mind that your vehicles are safe.

We cater to residents and military personnel from Woodbridge, Alexandria, Springfield and all across Northern Virginia. Let’s discuss your situation–give us a call today!

Springfield Car Storage

Red Sports CarAll your friends keep asking you, “What did you do to get your wife to allow you to buy that new hot car?!” And you have not once gotten tired of it since you bought that beautiful new 2013 Scion FR-S, in Firestorm Red no less. Your son thought that was his gift when you drove that beauty home, but no way, he got the hand-me-down van. Now he’s getting ready to go off to college and, since he can’t bring a car to college, you’re trying to figure out what to do with the van during semesters. You don’t want that old van in the driveway taking up room from Sheila (the name of your FR-S). We’re here to help.

Gateway Storage Center provides Springfield Car Storage services on a short-term, long-term, or month-to-month basis. We offer secure outdoor car storage plus container storage should you want to empty out his old room and make an office out of it. He won’t need his things until after graduation anyways. Going overseas? With Gateway Storage, you’ll have the peace of mind that your vehicle is safe and secure while it stays with us. When you return, you can pick up your car and check out of your storage space 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our convenient Lorton facility located on U.S. Route 1, right off of I-95, offers 24 hour access for occupants, two automatic gates with power failure back up, a network of surveillance cameras and extensive lighting throughout the storage areas. Give us a call today and learn more about our Springfield Car Storage options. Long term pre-paid storage discounts are available on most spaces. Call today!