Tips On Getting Your Boat Ready For The Warm Weather

Photo Credit: Chase Lewis

Photo Credit: Chase Lewis

When the weather starts to get warm you’ll want to make sure you’re ready to take your boat out of storage. After all, you’ll want to take your boat out the moment the weather allows you to. It’s important to perform an inspection sooner rather than later, you’d hate to try to take your boat out onto the water and have it not work.

In this article we’re going to highlight the steps you can take to de-winterize your boat and get it ready for warmer weather.

1. Start With Your Engine

Without your engine in proper condition your boat won’t be very effective. De-winterizing your engine will probably be the longest part of the process. If you didn’t change the oil before you brought your boat into Woodbridge car storage you’ll want to do this now. While you’re changing the oil it’s a good idea to also change your oil filter. After the oil change is complete it’s important to flush the cooling system and replace all the fluids.

Finally run an engine test and see where you’re at.

2. Inspect Your Vinyl and Canvas

Spend some time going over your seats, covers and top for any tears, dirt or mildew. Make sure to repair any tears and clean up any mildew or stains with the proper cleaners.

3. Review the Hull

During this phase you’ll want to inspect the hull for any chalky residue, as well as chips or cracks. If any chips or cracks appear you’ll want to repair them before you take your boat out on the water.

If you find the hull is chalky upon inspection, this usually points to oxidation. You’ll want to determine the level of oxidation you’re experiencing, and start a gelcoat plan to restore its luster.

4. Clean and Wax the Hull and Boat

Use a boat cleaner to clean the boats exterior. Once this is done you’ll want to apply a fresh coast of wax.

5. Polish Wood and Metal

Depending on your boat, you may have a combination of wood and metal or simply, one or the other. You’ll want to take time inspecting these materials, to see if, they need any repair or maintenance. Long-term neglect of these elements can lead to an eventual compromise of their integrity.

6. Test All Electronics

The last thing you’ll want to test are the electronics. It’s important that these are working correctly, before you get out onto the water. This includes the radio, depth finder, GPS, and any other electronics you may have.

I hope this article has been valuable and you now know what you need to do to once you take your boat out of Woodbridge car storage. Also, it’s important to do continued maintenance on your boat throughout spring and summer. By keeping up on maintenance and taking care of your boat, you’ll ensure several summers full of boating fun.

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