Small Business Solutions

Small Business Solutions:

Small Business Truck Parking

Gateway Storage has storage, parking, warehousing and logistical solutions¬†that suit many types of local businesses and contractors working in the area, from large construction companies to wedding planners to paper shredding services and mobile vehicle detailers. We will work closely with your business’ specific needs to determine the most economical and efficient configuration of space and access.

Construction, landscaping and all types of contractors: we have flexible terms on parking your company vehicles and equipment, and containers for storing tools, materials, inventory and supplies. Month to month rates mean your space demands can flex with your business, or pay annually and receive a discounted rate.

Trucking and transport: Park one large box truck in a reserved, well lit, secure space with 24/7 access for you or you driver starting at $165/month (month to month). Tractor trailer parking available on a limited basis – please call for details.

Service based businesses: Park all sizes and types of vehicles adjacent to a 20′ or 40′ container for storage of supplies and inventory. Your employees and drivers can park their cars in the space while they are out on the job, and know they will be safe upon their return. Limit access hours and control access to the containers separately from the parking space access.

Shipping, wholesale dealers and overseas transport: Store cars and other vehicles without tags or registration while preparing an overseas shipment. Larger spaces available for storage of multiple cars at a discounted rate.

Take control of your business today with low overhead, flexible terms, and controlled access. Please call ahead for an appointment with our commercial storage manager!