Small Business Solutions

We offer parking and storage solutions that flex with your small business needs.

For many small businesses, needs change seasonally. We offer month to month agreements or the option to prepay for a discounted rate.

Parking is available for box trucks, flatbed trucks and others. Extra wide tractor trailer spaces (13′ x 77′) offer extra room to maneuver. Best of all, our rates include unlimited in-and-out, 24/7 access. Many businesses require access outside of regular business hours. For instance, a 24 hour plumbing service, or construction that begins very early in the day.

Service based businesses:

We specialize in parking and storage for plumbers, tree-cutting services, electricians and other service based essential businesses. Combo spaces offer outdoor parking space plus enclosed self storage container space. Additionally, your employees can park personal cars in the space while they are out on the job. Why is this important? Some storage business require registration for each vehicle stored in the space. At Gateway, you can change what you park in the space as often as you like.

Shipping, wholesale dealers and overseas transport:

Why choose Gateway as your home-base for preparing your overseas shipment? Firstly, we do not require vehicles to display tags while waiting for shipment. Secondly, you can take your time collecting items that you may want to ship around the vehicles. Finally, you can park multiple cars in a single larger space, or combine smaller spaces into a larger area. For example, parking three smart-cars in a single 45′ space.

Take control of your small business today with our outdoor storage options. We offer low overhead, flexible terms, and controlled access. Give us a call for current rates and availability!