Truck Parking

Truck Parking

At this time our truck parking for tri and quad axle dump trucks is limited. Tractor Trailer parking may be available!

updated March 2023

Gateway Storage offers monthly and yearly rates on parking and storage spaces for all types and sizes of trucks and other heavy duty and commercial vehicles.  We offer several options to suit your business needs, such as the ability to park your company’s trucks side by side or bumper to bumper, and controlled access for your employees and drivers. We will outfit each of your trucks with trackable remote control gate access devices. Our professional grade gating system will keep your business running smoothly, with 24 hour access, all night lighting, full time grounds maintenance and winter snow removal.

Our Convenient Lorton Location, Less Than One Mile from Interstate 95, May Even Reduce Your Fuel Costs!

Many business owners find the addition of a self storage container to their existing parking spaces reduces time, overhead and fuel expenses. Keep extra inventory, supplies and materials out of your trucks and stored in an adjacent locked container to which your employees have access.

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