Parking Solutions

Month to Month Vehicle and Equipment Storage

Move your business to our convenient location on Richmond Highway in Lorton and work out of one of our many combinations of self storage container with outdoor parking Combo Spaces.

Park vehicles, trailers and equipment and store materials, inventory, files and more for a fraction of the cost of a traditional warehouse. Your employees will have access 24 hours a day 7 days a week to your storage area, and each employee can be assigned an individual gate access device that is tracked and monitored by our access system.


Rent space on a month-to-month basis or choose a detailed yearly contract. Park lesser used vehicles back to back in larger spaces and save, or park each truck in it’s own space and let your employees park their personal vehicle in its place when they come to work each day.


Extensive dusk to dawn lighting, automatic gates with access control, over one hundred security cameras, full perimeter fencing and assigned spaces contribute to a secure environment for your property.


Assign a different gate access device to each vehicle, and a device for each of your drivers. Our 24 hour gate access devices are positive ID – and our system monitors and records access activity. If a device is lost, we’ll deactivate remotely. Need to see which of your employees has been coming and going and at what time? We can email you a detailed report.

Fuel costs getting out of hand? Depending on how far you and your employees drive to pick up and drop off your vehicles, renting space at Gateway Storage could put money in your pocket, save windshield time, and wear and tear on your vehicles.

Call or email today for a free, customized storage and parking consultation for your business.

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