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Are You After Short-Term, Flexible Storage For The Remainder Of The Summer?

flexible summer storage

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What’s your immediate thought when you think of self-storage centers. Most people think of long-term contracts, locked in rates, inflexible terms and steep prices. Although this is actually true in some cases we do whatever can to make sure you have an experience different from the rest.

No longer do you have to get locked into long-term lease terms that don’t end up solving all of your needs. Below you’ll find more details about our flexible Springfield self storage options.

Flexibility Is A Necessity

I’m sure you’ve tried other storage companies in the past the were completely against offering you any flexible contract terms. From the people we’ve talked to it’s either a year or more of storage, or nothing. We don’t think this is fair.

Sometimes, you just need self-storage for a couple months here and there. We believe that storing goods shouldn’t be something you have to think twice about. As a result, we offer both flexible storage lengths, and a wide variety of sizes and storage options.

If you need to store more goods at the end of the summertime than you do during the rest of the year then our flexible storage spaces will suit you perfectly.

We go beyond car storage and self-storage and even offer combination spots.

Short-Term, Long-Term, Or Something In-Between

If you’re a contractor who has extra goods or vehicles that only need storage at the end of the summer, then we can help you out. We believe working with us shouldn’t be limited by the amount of time you spend with us.

We believe that if we offer flexible Springfield self storage options you’ll come back to us time and time again. Even if the space you need will change every month of so, we can accommodate this.

Putting The Pieces Together

Store whatever goods you need, for however long or short you’d like. You might just have some goods you’ll need to store until the summer ends. If this sounds like you, then we can help here as well.

Some small businesses get an influx of goods during the summer months that they can’t store onsite. We can cater to your inventory needs and help your business succeed. We love to work with small local businesses. No matter your differing needs we can help.

We love to serve our customers and veterans across the Alexandria, Woodbridge, and Springfield counties, as well as most of Northern Virginia. If your summer is coming to an end and you’re in need of some extra storage space we hope that you’ll consider Gateway Storage.

Think Your Local Company Can’t Benefit From Storage, Think Again

Commercial storage options

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If you live in Springfield or any of the outlying areas, then your local company might want to think about investing in storage. You may have used storage in the past to simply hold onto excess goods. However, you can utilize storage in flexible and creative ways that can actually help your business grow.

Our Springfield storage solutions offer a lot more than simply storing extra goods. In this article we’re going to take a look at some of the benefits your company will gain if you decide to use our storage services. Regardless of the type of company or clientele you serve you can benefit from using our storage services.

1. Give Your Business Room To Grow

Investing in Springfield storage is essentially giving your business more room to blossom. Your commercial business probably requires a lot of space to store equipment. This can range from tools, to trucks, to safety equipment, to building materials, the list is literally endless and depends upon the type of business you’re currently running.By having more space you can afford more trucks, which means more employees and a larger service area.

If you have too many vehicles for you place of business and are struggling with parking regulations you can park your entire fleet at our storage area with ease.

2. Reduce Worry Over Safety Of Equipment

When you have thousands upon thousands of dollars of equipment you’d hate to leave it overnight unattended. Of course, depending upon the amount of storage space you have at your place of business you may have to do exactly that. Sometimes, the worry over the safety of equipment and your fleet of vehicles may even keep you up at night.

Our Springfield commercial storage facilities have 24/7 security features which will keep your entire fleet and any other equipment completely safe.

3. Flexibility For Seasonal Businesses

If you have a seasonal business that only utilizes certain types of equipment for certain seasons, then you may want to try out our flexible storage options. We work with you to develop a storage situation that’s all your own. That means you could have a smaller storage space during the seasons when all of your equipment is in use, and then expand your storage allotment during the off-season.

We hope you decide to use our storage services to help your business grow and serve the local community in an even greater way. We serve our residents and military personnel from Woodbridge, Alexandria, Springfield and all across Northern Virginia. Give us a call today at (703) 339-0009, so we can talk about your needs!


Happy Holidays from Gateway Storage!

Here’s wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year! We want to say thank you to our loyal customers, and thanks to the men and women in uniform who continue to serve this great nation and keep us safe each and every day. We are humbly grateful for the sacrifices you and your families make so we can have an enjoyable holiday season.

If after the holidays you find yourself in need of extra storage for all those wonderful gifts you’ve accumulated, give us a call to learn about our affordable self-storage and container storage solutions. We offer flexible terms and affordable rates, providing you with excellent service and the best value. Our container storage solutions are great for personal and household items, either temporarily or long-term, so you can get back your garage. Going on a nice warm vacation to escape the cold and looking for a place to keep your car safe while you’re gone? We provide car storage services to keep your ride safe and secure. Our affordable rates keep more dollars in your pocket so you can enjoy an extra margarita while lounging on the beach, with the peace of mind that nothing will happen to your car while you’re away. Can’t beat that!

Again, have a wonderful time with friends and family. Happy Holidays!

Self Storage Tips

Self Storage, or sometimes called Container Storage, is an easy solution for overflow items from your home or business. Many of our customers approach us with the same question regarding self storage: “What can I store?” And the follow-up question usually is “What is the best way to store my items?” We’re sharing the answers to both of those questions with you. Here are our Self Storage tips:

What Can I Store?

Let’s start first with what you cannot store: anything that is flammable, combustible, hazardous, or toxic cannot be stored. This is for the safety of you and your belongings, our staff, and our facility. No fireworks, weapons, ammunition, or explosives either. As a rule of thumb, you cannot store items that are considered “inherently dangerous”.

Now that those items are out of the way, you can store books, furniture, medical supplies/equipment, construction equipment, non-perishable food, lawn and garden equipment.

What is the Best Way to Store My Items?

When storing items in boxes, make sure to add newspaper or bubble wrap to fill the empty space. This helps keep items secure and also prevents collapsing when stacked.

For lawn and garden equipment, drain fluids to prevent corrosive damage. Use trashcans for rakes, shovels, and hoes.

Breakdown tables and store large items (such as sofas and tables) on end to save space. Treat wooden surfaces and use protective covering for storage.

When storing business files, clearly label boxes and create aisles for easy access to file boxes.


Self Storage Containers – Get the facts!

Did you know that an average of 675 shipping

containers are lost at sea each year?

Shipping Containers for Self Storage

That’s a shame because lightly used sea containers make PERFECT self storage units!

Our environmentally friendly, recycled Self Storage Containers™ are available in two sizes (8′ x 20′ and 8′ x 40′) and available combined with outdoor space for parking vehicles, trucks, trailers, boats, RV’s or anything else on wheels! Each container was a one-time use unit and has been completely refurbished with paint, wooden floors and nice tight seals to keep the contents safe and dry.

Heavy duty locks available for rental on-site. Ask us about custom container and parking spaces for the largest of business storage needs.

Alexandria Virginia Storage for the Summer

VeritasSummer is officially here!!! Flowers are in bloom and school is finally out! Spring was a little colder than expected. Now it’s time for warm, sunny days and enjoying the great outdoors. This year your family has decided to try some camping adventures. With the Shenandoah Valley so close by, why not? You take advantage of the new Summer Sales and stock up on a tent, couple camping backpacks, sleeping bags and the whole shebang. Maybe even grab a few fishing poles. The stuff barely fit in your car and you have no idea where to put it in your house.

Well, Gateway Storage Center has a suggestion. Why not store your Winter stuff during the Summer, then switch them when the cold weather comes? Kind of like shifting your Winter clothes to the back of the closet for the Summer, and vice versa for the Winter. You can even clean out some of the garage to make some actual walking room between the piles of boxes and those “less used” items.

And thankfully for your wallet, Gateway Storage offers affordable, competitive rates for Alexandria Virginia storage needs. Our self-storage containers feature highly secure locking systems to ensure your belongings are safe at all times. Our gated facility provides 24-hour access for our customers through remote controls you can keep on your car visor, so you can retrieve that inflatable Santa yard ornament anytime.

Gateway Storage Center is conveniently located off of I-95 in Lorton, VA. We are easily accessible from Alexandria, Springfield, Woodbridge, and all across Northern Virginia. Come visit or give us a call today to learn more about our Alexandria Virginia storage solutions and why we’re the best choice for all your storage needs.

Happy Mother’s Day!

mothers dayHappy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers out there. Today is the day to show the mother in your life just how truly special she is. (Hint: breakfast in bed is a good way to start!)

Another way to show your appreciation is to finally clean out that garage she’s been hounding you about. No better way to say “I love you” than to box up all your old trophies & keepsakes and place them someplace other than the area designated for the family minivan. Thankfully for you, Gateway Storage is just a short drive down the street so you can haul away your old treasures and be back in time to mow the lawn, clean the dishes, and do the laundry all before taking her out for a special Mother’s Day dinner.

Gateway Storage Center provides Alexandria VA storage services that help you save time and money by being conveniently located off of I-95 and by offering low container storage rates. Our secure storage containers feature high security locking systems, convenient ground level access, and fully opening double doors. And with 24-hour access and a well-lighted facility, you can come and go as you please whenever you feel the need to trip down memory lane.

Gateway Storage is located in Lorton, just down the road from Woodbridge, VA and Springfield, VA. Whether you’re storing personal, household, or commercial goods, we’ve got the best storage solution for you.

Give us a call today or stop by to learn more about our Alexandria self storage options. And don’t forget to pick up the flowers on the way home!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Alexandria, Virginia – We’ve Got Storage For You!

The holidays are over with and during the course of those holidays, you may have accumulated more than you wanted. Like that Chef’s salad serving bowl from the early 80s that your mother-in-law thought would be a perfect addition to your serveware. She even used the word “vintage” to describe it.il_570xN.310885503 We know. We also know the pain of trying to cram those items, along with your holiday decorations (and let’s not forget those new ornaments you received), into your already over-stuffed storage space. Gateway Storage has the self-storage solutions to help you reduce the clutter and excess items in your house that you may not need for a bit, or longer.

Gateway Storage offers storage for personal, household, or commercial goods and property in a secure self-storage container located within our secure, lighted facility. These storage containers are great, giving you essentially an extra attic to organize your seasonal items so you don’t have decorations falling on you every time you open the hallways closet door. Our storage containers feature high security locking systems, convenient ground level access, and fully opening double doors. It’s like having another walk-in closet! But bigger, wider, and more secure.

Come down to Gateway Storage and see why we are the best, most cost-effective choice for Alexandria, Virginia storage needs.