Alexandria, Virginia – We’ve Got Storage For You!

The holidays are over with and during the course of those holidays, you may have accumulated more than you wanted. Like that Chef’s salad serving bowl from the early 80s that your mother-in-law thought would be a perfect addition to your serveware. She even used the word “vintage” to describe it.il_570xN.310885503 We know. We also know the pain of trying to cram those items, along with your holiday decorations (and let’s not forget those new ornaments you received), into your already over-stuffed storage space. Gateway Storage has the self-storage solutions to help you reduce the clutter and excess items in your house that you may not need for a bit, or longer.

Gateway Storage offers storage for personal, household, or commercial goods and property in a secure self-storage container located within our secure, lighted facility. These storage containers are great, giving you essentially an extra attic to organize your seasonal items so you don’t have decorations falling on you every time you open the hallways closet door. Our storage containers feature high security locking systems, convenient ground level access, and fully opening double doors. It’s like having another walk-in closet! But bigger, wider, and more secure.

Come down to Gateway Storage and see why we are the best, most cost-effective choice for Alexandria, Virginia storage needs.

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