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Woodbridge Truck Parking


18 wheelerAre you new to the area and having difficulty finding a place to park your 18 wheeler in Northern Virginia? Many places have zoning restrictions and don’t allow you to park your semi in certain lots. You want some place that’s safe and secure to park your truck in between the long hauls. Gateway Storage Center is your answer.

Gateway Storage Center provides Woodbridge Truck Parking services for all types and sizes of trucks and other heavy duty and commercial vehicles. We offer several options to fulfill your business needs, including short-term, month-to-month, and yearly rates on parking and storage spaces. We provide controlled access to your trucks, outfitting each of your trucks with trackable remote access control devices. Our professional grade gating system keeps your business running smoothly, with 24 hour access, 7 days a week. Your employees and drivers can access your trucks at any time to get on the road earlier or arrive late after a trip.

Our facility features extensive lighting throughout the parking and storage areas. With extra-wide aisle ways, maneuvering into and out of your well-marked, assigned spaces is easy. We have night lighting, full time ground maintenance, and winter snow removal. Many business owners find the addition of a self storage container to their existing parking spaces reduces time, overhead and fuel expenses. Keep extra inventory, supplies and materials out of your trucks and safely stored in an adjacent locked container to which your employees have access.

Gateway Storage Center is conveniently located in Lorton, VA, less than a mile off of Interstate 95, making it quick and easy for you to get in, grab your truck, and get on the road. We are easily accessible from Quantico, Triangle, Alexandria, Springfield, and Alexandria, VA. Give us a call or email us for a detailed quote designed specifically to meet your business needs.

Alexandria Truck Parking

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Are you running out of room to park your trucks, trailers, and other commercial equipment at your contractor yard? Need a safe and secure place to put them while still having easy access to them, both for you and for your employees? No problem!

Small Business Storage

Contractor Truck Parking

Gateway Storage offers affordable rates on parking and storage spaces for all types and sizes of trucks, trailers and other heavy duty and commercial vehicles. We will outfit each of your vehicles with remote access trackable devices that allow your employees to come and go as needed. Our parking options keep your business running smoothly, with 24-hour access to your vehicles in our well-lit, fully maintained parking facility, even when it snows! We dig out your vehicles to make sure you don’t miss a beat.

Conveniently located in Lorton, VA, Gateway Storage is easily accessible to all of Alexandria, Arlington, Springfield, Woodbridge, and across Northern Virginia. We’re right off of I-95, making it easy to get in, get your trucks, and get moving. Need more storage space? No problem. We offer container storage to protect your commercial equipment from the elements, and can place those containers right by your trucks. This way your extra supplies, materials, and equipment are close by when your employees need them.

Come down and check out our expansive parking facility and see why Gateway Storage Centers is the best choice for your commercial truck parking needs!