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How To Effectively Downsize and Move Into A Smaller Home


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Are you considering moving to a smaller place? If you are then taking the time to effectively downsize will ease a lot of the stress about your upcoming move. Over time we tend to accumulate a lot of stuff in our homes. This can make moving quite difficult, especially if we’re moving into a smaller place.

Below you’ll find a process that will help you effectively downsize into a smaller place.

1. Take Stock Of Your Current Items

Before you begin the downsizing process you’ll need to take stock of what items and furniture you currently have in your home. Make sure to check all of your typical storage areas, as well as hidden closets and cabinets.

This part can be very overwhelming as you’ll come face-to-face with items you’ve been storing and holding onto for years. However, keep in mind the stress won’t last long as you’ll be moving into a smaller place very soon.

It can be helpful to sort your new items and group them by category. 

2. Measure All Furniture You’re Keeping

Once you can visually see everything you own it’s time to start sorting the items you’re going to keep, and the items you’re going to give away or sell.

Make sure you measure the dimensions of the items you’re going to keep, so you can be sure they’re going to fit into your new place. Anything that’s too large will have to move into the donation pile.

3. Assess Your New Space

Do you know the dimensions of your new space? If you don’t know the exact dimensions of your new place, or Woodbridge storage unit, you can make an approximation based upon how much space you wish to have.

This will help you pare down your goods to only the essentials. After all, there’s no reason to hold onto items forever if you don’t actually enjoy them, or use them frequently.

4. Donate or Sell Old Items

Now that you have your items sorted, and know which items you’re going to keep you can begin the process of selling or donating your goods.

Common methods of getting rid of old goods include listing them on eBay, or Craigslist. Or hosting a garage sale.

After you’ve attempted to sell all of your items you can take your remaining goods to a thrift store, or consignment shop.

5. Get Organized

Once you’ve successfully unloaded all of the items you no longer want to keep you can then begin the process of organizing your goods for your move.

Box up all of your items and use the necessary packing materials to ensure their safety. It can also be helpful to label everything by room, so you know exactly where to take each box.

By applying the strategy above to your downsizing process you’ll find it will be much less stressful overall.

If you need a self-storage solution throughout the duration of your move we hope you consider Gateway Storage.We love serving our clients and customers across the Alexandria, Woodbridge, Springfield, and Northern Virginia areas.

3 Ways To Sell Your Goods Before A Big Move

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When the time comes to make a big move it can be a hassle moving the items you’ve accumulated over the years. Moving can be a simpler process once you pare down the items to ones you truly need. You can always invest in a storage unit to ensure you have ample space to store any leftover items you can’t part with.

Below you’ll find three methods that will help you sell or giveaway your goods, in order to make your move much easier and stress free.

1. Consider Donating To Local Consignment Shops

There are a variety of consignment shops and thrift stores that will take your used items. Most thrift stores won’t end up paying you for your donations, but you can receive a tax credit, and the knowledge that your goods will go to a good home.

On the other hand, consignment shops will give you a certain commission for your goods. It’s not always the highest price, but it’s better than nothing. Some consignment shops are better than others, so make sure you shop around before choosing a place to donate your goods.

2. Host A Garage Sale

Garage sales are a great way to profit from your used goods. However, in order to run a successful garage sale you have to think in a different manner. When most people arrange their goods for garage sales they simply bring everything out of their garage and scatter it around their driveway.

When arranging your goods for sale you need to think like a storefront. You also need to think like a salesperson, don’t be afraid to sell your goods and interact with your customers.

The following tips will help boost the sales at your garage sale:

  • Make sure you have a price on everything, even the smaller items.
  • Consider partnering with a charity where you donate a portion of your revenue to a cause.
  • Group your items that are frequently bought together.

Also, make sure you advertise in advance and put up flyers all around town the days leading up to your garage sale.

3. Use Online Websites

The internet is a great way to get more money for your goods, and reach a more targeted market. When you’re selling your goods locally you only have the customer base of people that live in your town or neighborhood.

You can use sites like Craigslist to sell to people in your local community, while sties like eBay and Gumtree can reach customers around the world. When creating your ads make sure you write them from the buyer’s perspective. Also, be creative, a dash of humor can’t hurt.

If you have any goods you can’t imagine parting with you can also store them in one of our Woodbridge storage units. We love serving our customers across the Alexandria, Woodbridge, Springfield, and Northern Virginia areas. Get in touch with Gateway Storage today.