Storing Your Vehicle Outside

Occasionally our staff at Gateway Storage receives requests for indoor storage for a car, boat, trailer or recreational vehicle. Most of these inquiries are from out of state customers moving into the area from a climate with harsher weather elements than Northern Virginia. Covered RV Storage is much more popular in parts of the country with stronger UV rays or heavy snows. Here in the Mid-Atlantic we have a fairly balanced climate. Most vehicles are designed to withstand long periods of time stored outside, uncovered in our assigned parking and storage spaces.

We allow car and other vehicle covers as long as they are securely installed on the vehicle.

Boat Covers

For boats, consider the angle on which it is stored. We recommend parking the boat with the rear on a slightly lower angle than the front so that rain and other moisture runs off the cover instead of pooling.

Car Covers

Many commercial quality car covers are made to last a certain number of years. They will need to be replaced regularly to ensure adequate protection. We inspect our storage spaces and call customers whose covers are deteriorating so they can be replaced.

Types of Car Covers:

  • Outdoor Car Covers protect your car year-round and often feature a multi-layered design to protect your car from dings, debris, and weather damage
  • Indoor Car Covers protect against scratches, dings, dust, and condensation
  • Custom Car Covers hug every curve of your car, from your side mirrors to headlights, you are covered
  • Universal Car Covers protect your car without taking a bite out of your wallet. They are made in a variety of sizes and styles to project your car and save you some money.

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