How to Drive an Unregistered Vehicle Legally

Move Your Unregistered Car for Storage Affordably

Need to transport a drive-able vehicle for storage within the state of Virginia without current DMV registration? There is an easy solution that only costs five dollars. Avoid fines, tickets and expensive tow services with a Trip Permit.

A Trip Permit from the Virginia DMV is valid for driving a vehicle from one specified destination to another without current registration, within three consecutive days. Best of all, DMV customers can apply for a trip permit online.

For Vehicle Buyers

If you are buying the unregistered vehicle, you can apply for the Trip Permit of a slightly different kind. The prospective purchaser’s trip permit is good for three days from the date on Bill of Sale. The buyer must attach the bill of sale to the permit and display in the window while traveling. For both types of trip permits the vehicle needs to be insured or the vehicle owner will need to pay up to half of the Virginia uninsured motor vehicle fee.

The Gateway Difference

At Gateway Storage, we offer affordable monthly storage for all types of vehicles including cars or trucks that our customers are storing while saving for a project or for a special occasion. While in storage, we do not require the vehicle to have current tags or registration. Many storage and parking facilities will not permit you to store an unregistered vehicle but we have the proper permits to welcome your vehicle.

For complete details on Trip Permits please visit the Virginia DMV website linked HERE.


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