New Year, New Storage? Organize for 2019

After the Holidays: Decorations, Lights, Decor and More

When the guests have departed, it’s time to put your house back in regular working order. You may find you have collected more holiday decor than you intended. It may make sense to store these items for next year in your storage unit. Approaching 2019 with a minimalist style may be the change for which you’ve been searching.

Packing Up the Traditions

Holiday decor often means treasures or items of sentimental or family value that can’t be easily replaced. Consider purchasing specialty storage containers for items like handmade ornaments or wreaths. Store irreplaceable or heirloom items in your home instead of your storage unit. Insurance is always a good idea, but if money can’t replace it, keep it close to home.

Larger items like artificial trees, garland, exterior decor like yard ornaments and Christmas lights are perfect for self storage or container storage. They are bulky and take up too much valuable space in your garage for once a year use. Using a label maker or masking tape and a marker, place a note on each item where you placed it to make decorating that much easier in a year. For light sets, you might mark them in order of placement if the goal is getting the strands to match up in a certain sequence.

Selling Items in Storage

You may have also discovered you don’t really need a piece of furniture or decor any longer. Meeting potential buyers from online marketplaces at your storage unit is a convenient and safe alternative to selling it from your home or driveway. Our container units offer a spacious interior for photographs with a plain and de-cluttered background. Craigslist is tried and true favorite for listing items for sale online but you may want to compare with newer smartphone friendly apps like Offer Up or Kijiji.

Storage gives you options

At the holidays, or anytime, storage gives you options to fit your lifestyle. Contact us today for availability on our container storage units. Container storage offers more space for less money than traditional self storage. We specialize in vehicle storage, which gives you the option to store a trailer with your items inside at a low price in an assigned space.

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