Storage for Holidays? Celebrate, Organize, Repeat

Preparing for the Holidays

It’s tempting to put off house-hold wide cleaning and organizing until it’s time for “Spring Cleaning.” But as December 1st approaches and the responsibilities of the holidays are only a few weekends away, it may make sense to tackle a portion of those springtime chores in the middle of Winter.

Making an Assessment

Pulling out the holiday decorations, the lights and the big lighted polar bear for the front yard is a good time to assess your storage areas. Do you have enough space to move items that are in the way in your living spaces? It may make sense to rent a storage unit for the season.

Before the Party

If you or your loved ones are hosting a holiday gathering, it’s time to assess the furniture and the flow of your first floor or main entertaining area. Sometimes it makes sense to add portable or temporary tables for a buffet, or add chairs, or for some in warmer climates, add seating and dining areas to the outdoors. Self storage can help: move too large or less functional pieces into storage ahead of the entertaining season to make room for your guests and create space for holiday cheer.

Before the Out of Town Guests

Especially if you are hosting families with small children, it’s a good idea to assess your living spaces in terms of practicality and comfort. Antique pieces or fragile items may be safer in storage during the holidays, allowing both the host and the guests to relax. Ensure your storage provider allows for a minimum term that works for you, as you may only need storage for one or two months. You may be able to give notice of your intent to vacate at sign up and extend later if you need more time.

After the Holidays: Decorations, Lights, Decor and More

Now that you have your storage unit and it’s time to put your house back in regular working order, you may find you have collected more holiday decor than you intended. It may make sense to store these items for next year in your storage unit, as you move the stored items back into your home. You may have also discovered you don’t really need a piece of furniture any longer. Meeting potential buyers at your storage unit is a convenient and safer alternative than selling it from your home.

Storage gives you options.

At the holidays, or anytime, storage gives you options to fit your lifestyle. Contact us today for availability on our container storage units. Container storage offers more space for less money than traditional self storage.

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