RV Use – 4 Tips for Going Green

Your RV and the Environment

Did you know that using an RV for a family trip (or any trip that includes more people) is more sustainable than if you flew in a plane, checked into a hotel or used separate cars? There’s nothing more satisfying than packing your kids up, hopping into your RV and hitting the road. For many people nowadays recycling and taking care of the environment has become a habit, so if you are among those RV folks who are environmentally conscious you are probably looking for ways to go even greener. Luckily for you, when there’s a will there’s always a way

In this article we’ve prepared for you four practical tips and tricks on going even greener with your RV:


Reduce the amount of waste (and possibly your waistline)

When people decide to go on a trip they tend to overdo with things like foods and snacks. They always think there won’t be enough food and someone is going to be hungry. But the reality is, food often gets thrown away and before you know it bags of chips and candy wraps are overflowing your trash can during the first half hour of drive.

The point of the trip isn’t to overeat and stuff yourself. You should try to eat healthy even when you are on a trip. Make sandwiches and pack them using biodegradable paper napkins and bring biodegradable paper plates if you need them. In addition to that, you can always cook something and put it into your tupperware, that way nothing gets thrown away.


Go solar

The majority of people have generators to supply them with the electricity for their daily camper needs. But with generators you have the annoying noise pollution, and they constantly need more fuel which is costly (and not so environmentally friendly, you must admit).
A solar powered RV will take care of all your electricity needs using no more fuel than it gets from the sun. Two solar panels are usually enough for any RV, but depending on the size of your vehicle and your needs you may need something different.

If you really want to go green than installing solar panels on your roof is definitely a way to go.


Ditch the plastic bottles

By now we’ve all become all too familiar with what plastic bottles can do for the environment. It takes hundreds of years for a single plastic bottle to decompose, and when you think of just how many of those you and your family will waste during your trip. If you tend to use plastic bottles, in that case you need to reminded of the 3 R’s of RVers: reduce, reuse, recycle. And plastic bottles aren’t going to cut it if you’re planning on going green. Instead of buying bottled water, get a good water filter and use the tap. Believe it or not, it will pay off in the long run plus you will have a fresh supply of water without harming the environment.


Use enzyme-based tank cleaners

Even though nobody wants to talk about cleaning your loo while travelling, the fact stands, it has to be done (sooner rather than later). And in order to clean your biffie, you need RV toilet chemical that can break down waste and tissue. But as you may guess, not all chemical are created equal. In fact, many chemical used to clean the RV toilet are harmful for the environment because they pollute the soil. Whatever toilet chemical you decide to use, make sure it’s green. In fact, the best RV toilet chemicals are highly biodegradable and eco-friendly, and they won’t leave stains on your toilet! Just make sure you read the labels before you buy!

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