Containers – 5 Uses other than Storage!

5 Surprising Uses for Shipping Containers Other than Storage.

At Gateway Storage, we use steel shipping containers for on-site storage of business, commercial, household and personal goods. The containers afford much more space for less money than traditional building self storage. Other businesses have found surprising uses for containers to serve a variety of different purposes: houses, schools, hotels and more.

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  1. Eco-Friendly Camping Hut: This use of shipping containers, perfect for camping enthusiasts, provides a perfect landing pad while camping. Such camping huts are eco-friendly, as they are made out of recycled and reusable materials of the shipping container.
  2. Portable Home: Prices of real-estate are really shooting up, which makes shipping containers’ use as a house a premier opportunity to stay away from mortgage and other related expenses. Plus, if you deploy tires below your house, it will automatically become your portable home which you can relocate anywhere, whenever you want.
  3. Convertible Pop up Shop: Convertible pop up shops are another remarkable use of retired shipping containers. It makes the business look unique and attracts customers too. Lowering the sides of the containers add additional space and improves customer experience by not making the space crowded. This use of shipping containers provides the feasibility to set up, open and close the pop up shops and makes handling business easier than ever.
  4. Cool Beach Retreat: A great escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and mundane routine are beach retreats. Luckily, retired and reusable shipping containers provide a remarkable opportunity to create your own beach retreat. Also, they are a great place of storage for your surfing and beach equipment.
  5. Swimming Pool: Shipping containers can be used to design and create swimming pools of different shapes and sizes to serve your needs. They are easy to deploy in your backyard and can be customized easily to fulfill your requirements. The lengths can range from 10 feet to 53 feet to hold as much water as you want.

Steel shipping containers are durable, weather resistant, spacious means for storage or many other uses. Our containers are all in “like-new” condition. Contact us today to learn more about storage in container units!

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  1. Harper Campbell on

    It’s interesting to learn that when it comes to shipping containers that people have come up with different uses for them. One of my favorites that you mentioned is that they have been used for creating different shape swimming pools. This is something that I never thought about doing, but it’s cool to hear that people are able to get bigger sizes and can how deep they want it.


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