RV Destinations in Virginia – A Guide

RV Destinations: The Best of Virginia

RV trips are tons of fun, whether you are traveling with your family, friends, or by yourself. Out of all the factors to consider when planning an RV trip, the location is one of the most important. This guide to the best RV destinations in Virginia will help you pick the destination for your next trip. Virginia Welcomes You!

Lake Ridge RV Resort

This area displays some of Virginia’s most beautiful natural features and contains all of the items you will need for a comfortable stay. Its facilities include a camp store, laundry facilities, great quality bathhouses, and even a propane filling station. This site also has a ton of fun activities: visitors have access to a craft center, two pools, and two water slides. This destination is a great place to travel with a family. It has a variety of activities and convenient amenities that provide all the entertainment and comfort you could need.

Cherrystone Family Camping Resort

This camping resort is an exciting and fun place to visit for any RV trip. It contains over 300 acres of natural waterfront that provides a beautiful view and allows visitors to appreciate Virginia’s natural landscape. There are all kinds of themed events and waterfront activities for visitors to participate in as well. There are five swimming pools, and the option to rent boats and golf carts, and there are even fishing piers and cruises. Due to all of these activities and opportunities, this destination is perfect for family RV trips.

James River State Park

This destination contains beautiful natural surroundings and multiple park trails. There are picnic shelters, swimming pools, and opportunities for fishing and boating. This site is the perfect place to visit if you are hoping for an RV trip centered around nature and outdoor activities. With some of the best camping sites in the state, you will be sure to have an amazing time at this destination.

Holiday Lake State Park

This lakefront camping site offers visitors a unique and exciting RV experience. Its incredible views and waterfront activities will allow visitors to appreciate the natural beauty of this park while having a great time with family or friends. Visitors can also use the park’s hiking trails and swim along the beachfront. Like the other state parks, this is the perfect location for anyone who wants to experience nature and have fun with outdoor activities.

Any one of these destinations can help you create a fun and unforgettable RV trip. These locations provide visitors with one-of-a-kind amenities and activities that are fun for the whole family. With these destinations in mind, you can begin planning your next trip to these beautiful areas in Virginia. With 24/7 Access and a guaranteed assigned parking space, keeping your RV at Gateway Storage in between trips makes your vacations easy come and easy go. We hope you have a safe and enjoyable summer with your RV!

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