RV or Travel Trailer Ready for Summer Travel?

Springtime and warm weather is finally here! Time to put away all of your heavy jackets, bulky jackets, and snow boots, now it’s time to begin your spring cleaning for your home, getting your garden ready for beautiful blooming flowers and if you have an RV (mobile home, travel trailer, camper, or anything else you call it) it’s time to hit the road to get in touch with mother nature, sightsee and explore. Most of you that do own one are probably de-winterizing now if you haven’t already done so. Cleaning your RV can be a big and tiring project, especially if you’re doing it alone.

Getting your RV Ready for Summer Travel:

One of the first things you may want to begin with is an exterior wash. Depending on the size of your RV you may need a step stool or even a ladder! Begin by washing down your RV with just water before applying the soap, it can get most of the dirt off your RV before the hard work begins. After you’re done with the RV wash, insect and examine your RV. Do a full walk through and look for any cracks, tears or leaks. If you do notice anything other than normal, contact a certified RV technician to take a look at it before you begin to hit the road. Check the RV’s fluid levels and change the oil before you drive it (even if the mileage doesn’t require that you do so, the weather can cause changes in the oil quality). Double check your battery connections and that there are no strange/out of the ordinary sounds coming from your engine. Another important thing to do is check your tires (including your spare), make sure they all have sufficient air and haven’t been damaged from the weather or inactivity. Sometimes the exterior can be the easy part of getting your RV ready for family trips over the warmer weather. Another major thing to check is the fire detector/carbon monoxide inside the RV. Replace batteries or detectors if necessary to ensure that they are working properly. Double check your kitchen appliances, along with sinks, toilets and showers to ensure they are working properly.

If you haven’t created an emergency preparedness kit it should be on your list of things to do. Every emergency preparedness kit won’t be the same. You should adjust yours to what your family will need and benefit from the most: water bottles, matches, rope, flash lights, among other many things. Cleaning the inside of the RV some might think isn’t too necessary, but if you haven’t been in it in months there’s a good chance you might have to do so.

If you store your RV in an open field, there could be a few insects or unwanted pests in the RV. If you store your RV here at Gateway Storage there’s a strong chance you won’t run into that issue. If you had your motorhome stored during the winter, you’ll need to air it out to get any weird smells out of the way. If you have removable cushions or any fabric covers (could be bedsheets, blankets, or covers) you should wash them before you begin to use/sit on them; doing so can avoid any bugs lingering around. If you kept any kitchen materials (such as dishes, pots, pans, or utensils) soak them in hot water then throw them in the dishwasher to get any type of bacteria off before using them. Once you’re done with a good thorough spring cleaning, think of new ways to save space in your RV!

Using a collapsible laundry basket as a trash can will save you a good amount of space and will allow you to possibly place it in a bottom cabinet when it isn’t being used. If you have TV remotes going all over the place when traveling, consider putting Velcro on the back of it and another piece to stick to a cabinet or another option could be putting in a suction cup and placing it on a window. If you’re out during the hot summer months and insects are flying close to your RV consider buying a dog flea collar (or a few), cutting them, and placing them around your RV, the flea collar serves as an excellent repellent. Before you get ready for your trip be sure you have your basic necessities for cooking, cleaning and having a good time. We hope these tips can help you and make it easier for you to get on the road and enjoy your spring and summertime travels.


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