Shrinkwrapping for Boat Storage?

It’s time to put your boat to bed for the winter! Should you shrinkwrap it or just use a cover? At Gateway Storage, we believe either method is acceptable for boat storage in our climate, but shrinkwrapping does provide the best protection. A shrinkwrapped boat protects the surfaces from weather, dust and salt from snow removal efforts. You can have your boat shrinkwrapped by a professional for $25-60 per foot depending on your boat and the vendor. A shrinkwrapped boat can be left on the trailer – the best solution for most of our customers. Boats can be stored on blocks at our facility, but it’s more hassle to place them back onto the trailer after winter is over. There is no extra charge to store a boat on a trailer or on blocks, since our spaces are priced on size, not on number of items stored.

When acquiring quotes for shrinkwrapping, make sure to ask if the per foot pricing includes all materials and insurance.

Sometimes we are asked if we think it’s worth a customer attempting a DIY Shrinkwrapping job. While we do have some very handy and capable customers, it’s critical to estimate the investment in the tools and materials you would need for this project upfront. A propane heat gun, the shrinkwrap itself, vents, strapping, vertical supports, tape, adhesive spray and protective gloves all add up.

A PWC shrinkwrapped for on trailer storage.

A PWC shrinkwrapped for on trailer storage.

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