Avoid Fairfax County Fines for Trailers

Fairfax County Parking Regulations and Fines

Did you know Fairfax County prohibits parking of commercial trailers in residential districts? Vehicles parked in violation are subject to a $100 fine for each violation. They may also be towed at the owner’s expense. The photos show a few examples of prohibited parking.

Safety Concerns Leads to Increase Ticketing

Parking restrictions are unavoidable in areas with dense populations and development. Parking trailer or tall, boxy vehicles on public streets may reduce visibility for both drivers and pedestrians and may lead to accidents. Street parking trailers or work vans in poorly lit cul-de-sac areas or office parks invites thieves who may be interested in tools or other materials kept inside.

Consider Storage for your Trailer or Work Trucks

To protect your business and your property, consider storing the trailer in a fenced, lighted and gated facility that allows unlimited access. At Gateway Storage, we cater to all sizes of businesses and offer affordable monthly storage rate. We do not require a long term commitment. Store your trailer or vehicle with us for one full calendar month or go for one year for a discount and locked in rate.

We offer affordable trailer storage for all sizes of utility, cargo and work trailers. We permit storage of ladder racks, scaffolding and other large materials and equipment.

Trailer prohibited from parking in residential areas.

Trailers prohibited from parking in residential areas.

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