How To Unload Your Moving Truck Like A Pro

moving truck unloading

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Once you’ve successfully packed your moving truck and have driven it to your new destination, either your new home or an Alexandria storage unit, it’s time to begin one of the final stages of the process. Unloading, and finally unpacking.

Below you’ll find our best unloading practices that will help to simplify the process. If you’re still in the packing stage of the process make sure you check out our article on how to pack your moving truck effectively.

When you’re just beginning the unloading process it can be tempting to simply dump everything out of the truck at once. But, this will only lead to added stress later. The best course of action is to unload in an organized manner.

1. Decide Where Your Items Will Go

Before you even begin to take items out of the truck consider where they’re going to be moved to. The last thing you want is to have your new living room filled to the brim with boxes and other items.

When transporting items from the moving truck make sure there’s a clear pathway. You’d hate to accidentally trip and break one of your fragile items this close to the finish line.

If you’re making a stop at your Alexandria self-storage unit. Then make sure you’re placing items you’re going to need to readily access towards the front of the storage unit.

2. Safely Unload The Fragile Items

Before you move any large items from your storage unit it’s important to take care of your fragile items. This will help to avoid any items accidentally becoming damaged during the unloading process.

Make sure you safely store these items in your new home, or inside your storage unit.

3. Unload The Living Essentials

Once you’ve safely placed the fragile items you can then start moving all of your boxes. It can be helpful to take care of your boxes that have your living essentials first. Such as, clothes, and kitchen and bathroom essentials.

This will simplify the unloading process as you’ll be able to take a break to eat if the need arises.

4. Remove The Large and Heavy Items

Finally, it’s time to unload the heavy and large items. These will take a little more man-power and energy. So, feel free to take a break, or bring in extra help if need be.

When moving your larger items make sure to take them into their respective rooms in the house, so you don’t have to move them more than once.

5. Take Your Boxes To Their Respective Rooms

We mentioned this above, but it’s worth repeating. When you’re moving any new items into your home or storage unit make sure you bring the boxes or items into the rooms where they’re going to be used.

That way you can avoid making two trips, and your home will be less cluttered.

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