How To Master Moving Truck Packing (It’s More Important Than You Think)

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Packing a moving truck can be a very overwhelming process, especially if you haven’t taken the time to adequately prepare. By preparing effectively you’ll be able to minimize damage to your precious goods and make the packing process more enjoyable. Whether you’re moving your goods into a Springfield storage unit, or a new home, packing effectively will save you time and stress.

Below you’ll find our tips and recommendations for effectively packing your moving truck before a big move.

1. Prepare Your Goods For The Truck

To move your goods in the most efficient way possible it can be helpful to gather a few extra supplies to assist in the moving process. The supplies are listed below:

  • A dolly: this will help you move heavy items.
  • Extra padding: this will help you add extra padding to spaces between items and boxes.
  • Packing tape: this will help to secure the extra padding and loose items.
  • Extra straps: you can use these to secure large items to prevent them from shifting.

2. Get The Moving Truck Ready

Most moving trucks have a separate cab area. Put any items you’ll need to readily access here, so you don’t accidentally box them up.

Make sure you sweep out the back of the truck, as there could be dust or dirt that has accumulated from a previous move. It can also be beneficial to stock the moving truck or cab with a toolbox to help with re-assembly.

You can also load fragile items into the cab, or store them in another vehicle if you have another car you’re using for the move.

3. Prepare Your Furniture

Dissembling your furniture will make your truck much easier to pack. Although it will add a little extra time, so you’ll need to plan accordingly. Make sure you label your items so you don’t get any pieces mixed up.

If you have any items such as bookcases, or drawers, you can use these to store boxes and other items. Otherwise, you’re just wasting space. Just make sure you place items on the shelf that aren’t going to shift during the move.

4. Load The Truck Effectively

When loading the truck you’ll want to load in your heaviest and bulkiest items first. This will help you maximize space as you get further into the packing process. This will also help to balance the truck and make it much easier to drive.

As soon as you load any fragile items, or items you’ll want to protect, into the truck make sure you wrap them with protective wrap. Secure larger items to the sides of the truck with ties and straps.

Once all of the larger items are secured then you can begin filling in the gaps with boxes and other items.

Throughout the moving process it can be helpful to consider renting a storage unit. This will ease any stress you have about where you’re going to store your old goods.

We hope you consider using Gateway Storage for all of your storage needs. We love serving our clients across the Alexandria, Woodbridge, Springfield, and Northern Virginia areas. Get in touch today.

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