The Best Packing Materials For Keeping Your Valuables Safe

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When the time comes to pack up your belongings you’ll need to ensure their safety. A lot of people end up feeling rushed during their move and throw their belongings into boxes. Sometimes, your fragile belongings may make it home safe, but chances are higher they’re going to end up damaged or broken.

The more effective course of action is to take the time to properly wrap and store your goods before you even think about loading up your car, or moving truck. In this post we’re going to cover the essential materials you’ll need to consider buying in order to ensure the safety of your valuables.

1. Sturdy Boxes

It can be beneficial to purchase a wide variety of box sizes. This will ensure you don’t end up storing fragile items with more heavy duty items. If you have the original boxes for any of your fragile goods, these can be the best bet to ensure the safety of your items.

When trying to decide which boxes to purchase it can be helpful to buy boxes with sturdier walls, as these are less likely to be crushed or damaged in the move.

2. Padding

If your boxes are mostly empty there’s a good chance the items are going to shift during the move, and can possibly break. The best forms of extra padding include, styrofoam, bubble wrap, and polystyrene filler. You can find these at your local hardware shop.

3. Extra Cardboard

If you’re transporting fragile china or other glassware it can be beneficial to purchase extra cardboard dividers. This will prevent any glass items from rubbing together. If you can’t find any cardboard dividers try visiting a local liquor store, as their bottles often come shipped with these dividers.

4. Newspaper or Other Lightweight Paper

The more padding you use the better.

It’s always to have extra paper, soft tissue, rags, newspaper and other forms of extra padding.  You can use these to stuff into the gaps of your boxes. When you pick up your boxes you shouldn’t be able to feel the items shift at all. If they do, then you’ll want to add more padding.

5. Markers

It’s important to label your fragile boxes from those that can handle more of a beating. This will ensure you load your moving truck, or vehicle, with a focus on placing your fragile boxes into an area they won’t become damaged.

This can also be valuable if you’re taking your items to a Springfield self storage unit, as the labelling will make it much easier to load and unload the right boxes.

If you’re interested in reserving a self-storage unit for your next move, we hope you consider Gateway Storage, the premier self-storage facility across the Alexandria, Woodbridge, Springfield, and Northern Virginia areas.

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