5 Easy-To-Implement Home Organization Tips

alexandria home organization

If you have a cluttered and disorganized home then chances are this is adding to your daily stress levels. However, organization doesn’t have to be difficult. By implementing a few simple tips and shortcuts you can be on your way towards an organized and clutter free home.

Below you’ll find five tips that will simplify the home organization process and allow you to easily keep your home organized into the future.

1. Clear Out Your Bedroom Drawers

Most of our bedroom drawers are filled to the brim with clothes and other bedroom goods. It’s important to start here, as having a clean bedroom can bring motivation to organize other parts of your home.

Your bedroom should be a sacred space. A place where you can unwind and relax.

Start by emptying out all of your bedroom drawers and organizing your clothes into piles of items to keep and items to donate. Once you’ve separated them into piles make sure to fold your clothes and store them in your drawers, with the items you wear the most on top. 

2. Think About Placement Before You Buy

Whenever you’re considering buying a new item for your home you should think about where it’s going to go. It’s easy to fill up your home with items you don’t need simply by buying things on impulse.

Before you buy anything for your home make sure you consider getting rid of any older items to make room for the new piece. If you want to keep older items, yet keep your home organized, you could consider storing them in an Alexandria self-storage unit

3. Group Like Items Together

If you have items scattered all over your home, it can be hard to find things you’re looking for. By storing like items with each other you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for every time. You’ll also be able to tell when it’s time to re-stock certain items in your home, like toiletries and other household goods.

For instance, you could store all of your craft items in the same bin, instead of having them spread throughout your home.

4. Keep Your Workspace Simple

If you have an at-home office it’s easy for items and papers to pile up. This is why it’s important to have an organizational system in place. If you work from home, but don’t have a dedicated workspace it can be helpful to have a small desk or area of the house you use solely for work.

This will help keep your work documents from spilling into other areas of your home.

5. Make To-Do Lists and Set Goals

Starting the habit of creating a to-do list will help keep you much more organized. By taking the time to write down your goals, even if they’re simple household goals, you’ll be able to track your progress and are much more likely to get things done.

Organizing your home doesn’t have to be a difficult and overwhelming task. By starting small with the tops above you’ll be on your way towards a more organized home.

If you’re looking for a self storage solution as you organize or downsize your home, we hope you consider Gateway Storage. We love serving our customers across the Alexandria, Woodbridge, Springfield, and Northern Virginia areas.

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