What To Look For In A Storage Unit Before A Big Move

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Finding the perfect storage unit is similar to looking for a new home or apartment to rent. You obviously won’t be occupying your storage unit as often, but you’ll still want to ensure you’re choosing the right storage unit for your needs.

Below you’ll find a process that will take you through the search of finding the perfect Woodbridge storage unit for your needs.

1. Take Stock Of Your Items

Before you even consider looking for a storage unit you’ll need to take complete stock of the items you actually want to store. This will help you decide on how much space you need, and if you require a more flexible storage solution.

Also, don’t make the mistake of going for the smallest storage unit possible. You’d hate to pack your storage unit to the brim, and have to remove every single item just because you want to take out one small box.

If you have more sensitive items, such as, musical instruments or antique wooden furniture, then you’re going to want to look for a temperature controlled storage unit.

Keep all this in mind as you progress through your search.

2. Do Your Research

When you’re researching the perfect storage unit facility there are a few things you’re going to want to keep in mind.

The first is location. Are you going to need to access the unit on a regular basis? If so, then you might want to consider one of the facilities off I-95, like Gateway Storage. 

Second, you’ll want to check out the reviews. Websites like Yelp can end up providing valuable insight into the storage facilities you’re thinking about utilizing. Poor reviews can help to illuminate potential problems you might run into.

Third, look into the facility hours. Some gate hours are 24/7, while others are only open for a set number of hours. Take note of these and make sure they align with your needs.

3. Visit The Facility

Now that you have a few options it’s time to actually visit the facilities to see which one is going to work out best. During these visits there are a few things you’ll need to cover.

  • Visit the unit you might be renting

When you’re browsing for units see if you can take a tour of the exact unit you’re planning on renting. Or, at least try to check out the same style of unit. This will give you insight into storage capacities, as well as the quality of the unit.

  • Ask for discounts

Some facilities provide new renter discounts. But, the only way to receive these discounts is by asking. These discounts will help make the transition into your new storage unit much easier.

  • Look into payment options

Some Woodbridge storage facilities also offer discounts based upon the amount of time you’re planning on renting. Discounts can also be bundled into long-term rental contracts.

If you’re looking for the perfect storage solution in the Northern Virginia we hope you check out Gateway Storage. We have customers all over the Alexandria, Woodbridge, Springfield, and Northern Virginia areas.

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