How To Make Sure Your Pets Will Stay Safe During A Move

take care of your pets when moving

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Pets play many roles in our family and personal lives. In some families they get the same level of treatment as another brother or sister. For that reason, moving and relocating your family can be very stressful on your pets. As a result you’ll want to make sure your pets stay safe and comfortable throughout the duration of the move.

When you’re considering moving with your pet you can either take care of the transportation yourself, or utilize the services of a pet transporter.

Think About Preparation Beforehand

You’ll need to make sure you’ve done a little preparation beforehand, regardless of whether you, or a pet transporter is going to be transporting your pet.

Your pet needs to be ready to travel when the time comes. This means you’ll need to get all of their shots and any medication taken care of to ensure they’re healthy enough to make the trip.

Also, if you’re transporting them via crate you’ll need to train them, so they’re comfortable with being in a crate for extended periods. Being locked up inside of a crate while on the move can be a shocking experience for your pet, so you’ll want to make sure they’re used to it. 

Things To Know When Using A Pet Transporter

If your car is packed and you don’t have room for your pet you can consider using a pet transporter. For starters, you’ll need to make sure you choose the right transporter. They can either be willing friend, or a professional transporter, but they need to have experience moving the same kind of pet.

An experienced pet transporter will be able to take your place while you’re on the road. They’ll act as the pet’s comfort blanket and will ensure they’re properly fed, taken care of, and get enough breaks throughout the duration of the trip.

It can also be useful to pack an extra bag for your pet that has their favorite toys and any other items that might remind them of home. This will add an extra layer of comfort so your pet feels safe throughout the journey.

Lastly, once your pet has made it to your new home there still might be a slight adjustment period for your pet. Try to surround them with familiar elements of your old home and keep to the same walking and feeding schedule that existed previously.

Once the move is finished and your pet has adjusted they’ll be back to their peppy old selves.

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