Top Tips For Moving In The Cold Weather

When most people are picking a time of year to move they usually don’t choose the winter. However, every person’s situation is different and sometimes you have to move during a less than ideal time. Rather than dwelling on your situation it’s much more productive to simply get the show on the road.

In this post we’re going to dive into our tips to make sure your move is as flawless as possible, even in the winter months.

1. Always Make Safety A Priority

Safety should be your biggest concern when moving during the winter. Throughout the winter you have to worry about ice and slippery conditions both on and off the road. As well as when you’re moving goods into your Woodbridge storage unit. 

If you’re moving things yourself, are working with a moving company, or are having friends and family help make sure you take them time to shovel the sidewalk and make sure it’s free of any ice. This will help you avoid any accidents that could happen from people slipping and falling.

2. Take Extra Care When Packing Some Items

You’ll need to pack some items differently, or keep them out of the cold entirely. Having some items sit in the back of a cold moving truck for an extended period of time can potentially ruin them. For example, some wooden pieces of furniture shouldn’t be stored in freezing cold temperatures for an extended amount of time, as it will cause the wood to change shape.

If you are moving a lot of wooden items and pieces of furniture, then you should take extra care in making sure they’re properly wrapped and protected from the elements. 

3. Consider Warmth And The Environment

If it’s cold out the day of your move, make sure you take extra care to cultivate a warm and nurturing environment. This might not seem like a big deal, but it will help the moving process unfold in more seamless manner.

For example, you could prepare hot drinks, such as hot chocolate and coffee for the movers and any friends who may be assisting. It’s also important to have enough warm clothes for when you’re moving back and forth from your home to the truck. The more comfortable everyone is the more enjoyable the process will be.

4. Always Exercise Caution 

Lastly, you’ll want to exercise extra caution when driving. Especially if you’re driving a large rental truck, that you don’t have a ton of experience driving. Even if you’re used to driving in the snow and inclement weather you should still take extra caution when driving a new type of vehicle.

Moving during the winter doesn’t have to be a nightmare, just take the necessary precautions and preparations and you’ll be on your way towards an easy moving experience. If you need to store any items throughout the moving process we hope you’ll consider Gateway Storage, your premier storage in the Alexandria, Woodbridge, and Springfield counties, as well as most of Northern Virginia.

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