How To Store Fragile Items Without Worry

how to store fragile items

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When you’re moving items from your home into a storage unit the last thing you want to hear is the crash of your most fragile items. You may think it’s easier to simply carry fragile items by hand, but mistakes do happen.

Overall, the best way to take care of your fragile items is to simply spend a little extra effort making sure they’re secure. In this post we’re going to dive into what you can do to ensure your fragile items make it through the move.

Go For Sturdy Boxes

If you’re trying to move with old boxes maybe it’s time to upgrade your moving supplies. Old boxes can have holes, tears, and even water damage. When you use old boxes they have a greater chance of tearing, which can lead to accidents with your fragile goods.

When you’re looking to upgrade your moving boxes you’ll want to choose boxes that are are thick, study and have a thick base. This can be reinforced cardboard, plastic or even wood. You’ll just want to make sure they hold their shape.

Use Packing Peanuts And Other Padding

Most fragile items tend to be strangely shaped as well. This mean you’ll need to fill this empty space with something. This is where the power of packing peanuts comes in.

Packing peanuts can serve a wide variety of roles. They not only fill the empty space and gaps in your box, but they also add that extra much needed cushion.

Some people even add old clothing to their boxes of fragile goods in order to help absorb shock. Anything to cushion the blows that could potentially occur, just make sure they’re clean!

Consider Adding Extra Crushed Paper

Crushed paper can add another layer of extra storage to your boxes. If you’re transporting any glass or kitchenware you can stuff the crushed paper into the inside of any bowels or cups. This will help prevent them from shifting around during transportation and arranging the boxes.

Overall, when packing fragile items just make sure they’re sturdy, safe and can handle any accidental drops. This will help keep them safe when you’re moving them to your Alexandria storage unit, and when storing them inside.

By taking the necessary precautions we mentioned above you’ll be able to keep your fragile items intact. If you have any questions regarding self storage feel free to get in touch. We serve our customers across the Alexandria, Woodbridge, and Springfield counties, as well as most of Northern Virginia.

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