Most Common Storage Unit Mistakes You’ll Want To Avoid

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Sometimes trying to store all of your goods in your storage unit can be quite the feat. Depending on how much you’re moving it can be helpful to hire movers. When you have a lot of pieces up in the air bringing them all together can be quite difficult.

In this post we’re going to explore what storage unit moving mistakes you’ll really want to avoid.

1. Not Knowing How Much Space You’ll Have During Your Move

Before you end up renting a Springfield storage unit you’ll want to double check exactly how much space you’re going to have. Otherwise, you don’t have any dimensions to base your move off of.

It’s also important to know the dimensions of what vehicles you’ll be using for your move. The includes a moving truck, if you’re renting one or are using movers, or your own vehicle.

2. Not Double Checking Whether The Moving Truck Will Fit

Depending on how many goods you have to transport to your Springfield storage unit, you may have to get a larger or small truck. If you’re dealing with a larger truck you’ll need to make sure it’s going to fit through the aisles of the facility.

If you’re trying to get an 18-wheeler through the facility you could be in for a rough time, and you’d hate to learn this on the day of the move as well.

When checking dimensions, make sure that you ask about clearance heights, aisle widths, and if there are any load maximums across the facility.

3. Not Getting Enough Storage Space For Your Goods

It can be difficult to estimate how much space you’re going to need. However, if you’ve taken the time to pack and box everything up it will be much easier to see how much space you’re going to require.

If you really don’t have a great estimate of how much space you need. You can always rent a second unit for overflow goods, or simply hold onto the items that didn’t fit.

Overall, at Gateway Storage we’d love to help you come up with a creative storage solution.

4. Planning Your Move During A Busy Time

Most people end up moving either during the weekend, or right after the work day ends. Even though these times will be the most convenient they can actually end up being a huge hassle.

After all, if you end up visiting the facility when everyone else does, you won’t really be saving yourself any time by choosing a convenient time to move.

We hope this article has been helpful and you have a better understanding of how you can avoid the most common storage unit moving mistakes. If you’re a client or customer in the Alexandria, Woodbridge, Springfield counties, as well as most of Northern Virginia, we’d love to serve you.

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