RV Trips: Things to Do on the Road

FoamhengeAhh the wide open road…so much to see and so much to do. There are so many sites to see and things to do, hard to do them all in one trip. Here’s a helpful list of things to do on your next RV trip:

  • Golf – break out the clubs and check out the links; these are fun to just walk too
  • Bicycling – mountain biking or just trekking around a quiet town, get out and find your own adventure. Maybe you’ll stumble onto Foamhenge
  • Hiking – climb a mountain (or a hill), enjoy the great outdoors
  • Fishing – enough said
  • Kayaking – maybe save this for the warmer months, but it’s nice to get out on a lake or river and paddle around
  • Camping – nothing like a nice campfire coupled with the peace and quiet of the woods; cooking some hot dogs and a cold one definitely adds to the picture too!
  • Line Dancing – find yourself a nice local bar and get to your boot scootin’ boogie on!
  • RV Park Activities – tons of stuff to do, including tennis, shuffleboard, board games, bingo, card games, pickleball, cornhole, and tons more

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