Woodbridge Trailer Storage

trailerSo not really sure who started this whole fad, but seems like on every long road trip we find another trailer that looks just like the car, truck, or van pulling it. The ones that are extensions of the car are particularly funny and really throw you off in the dark, especially late at night when you’re 12hrs in and not quite yet to your destination. Thankfully we caught one in the daylight to share.

Here at Gateway Storage, we welcome all trailers. Whether your trailer is hauling your boat, car, motorcyle, or a Revolutionary War cannon replica (yep have seen that too), our secure facility is the best choice to store your trailer in between trips. Needing to hit the road in the early morning to make beach week? No problem. We offer 24-hour gate access, with well lit storage areas and spaces featuring reflective parking markers and permanent signage.

Another perk at Gateway Storage is ease of maneuverability. We have extra-wide aisle ways to make it easy to navigate in and out with your trailer in tow.

Gateway Storage Center offers affordable rates and flexible terms for Woodbridge Trailer Storage, including short-term, long-term, and month-to-month options. Give us a call today and we’ll be sure to keep your mini-Mustang trailer safe and sound until you need it next. We take reservations by phone or via email. No deposit required!


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