Alexandria Storage

It can be hard to find reliable parking or storage in Alexandria, Virginia for your service truck, tour bus, trailer, boat, or other recreational or commercial vehicle. But at Gateway Storage Center, you can rent secure, affordable contractor yards for a whole range of vehicles. Even better: the terms for your parking or storage area are flexible, meaning that you can combine several lots for more room when needed or shrink the space when you have less to store. Gateway is flexible and committed to finding storage and parking solutions tailored to you.

It can be tricky to track down storage space in residential Alexandria for your large recreational vehicle. That’s why Gateway serves a multitude of neighborhoods in Alexandria and the surrounding area, including:


  • Old Town Alexandria
  • Del Ray
  • North Ridge
  • Rosemont
  • Franconia
  • Mount Vernon
  • and more.


If you’re in need of storage or parking for your RV, trailer, or other residential vehicle, Gateway’s your go-to storage center. We provide:


  • RV storage
  • trailer storage
  • motorhome storage
  • toy-hauler storage
  • camper storage
  • 5th Wheel storage and more…


In addition, Gateway offers top-notch commercial storage and parking, separate from our recreational storage area. We work with contractors and businesses of all kinds in the Alexandria area, and accommodate many sorts of vehicles, including but not limited to:


  • repair and maintenance companies
  • construction equipment
  • dump trucks
  • tractor trailers
  • electricians
  • plumbers
  • vans
  • trucks
  • builders
  • general contractors and more…


If you’re an Alexandria boat owner, you’re also in luck: Gateway specializes in local boat storage. Our boat lots are extremely safe and secure, so when you’re not out sailing the Potomac, you can rest assured that your boat is in good hands.


If you’re seeking RV storage, boat storage, and more in Northern Virginia cities like Alexandria, call Gateway today for a facility tour and storage consultation.

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