RV Parking and Boat Storage – Tips to Protect Your Investment

Proper outdoor storage and maintenance will protect the financial

45' RV Storage Spaces

investment you’ve made in your RV or boat.  However, not all RV and boat storage facilities are the same.  

Many outdoor storage facilities won’t tell you that parking your RV or boat on a dirt lot, a wooded lot, or on neglected surfaces may cause you problems.  Storage lots that are dirty or in disrepair invite mice, rats, spiders, raccoons, rodents and other uninvited and damaging visitors to move into your RV and boat.  Rodents can burrow into mattresses, cushions, and walls, only to later nest and reproduce.  In other cases, rodents have chewed through expensive wiring and hoses.  The fumigation and damage repair can cost you thousands of dollars!   Wooded outdoor storage areas introduce another problem.  During storms and high winds, tree branches (or even entire trees) can come crashing down, causing extensive damage to your RV or boat while in storage.  More specifically, tree leaves, sap, and other debris can cause damage to your RV’s roof and sealants.
At Gateway Storage, we understand what’s important to RV and boat owners.  Your property will be stored in an open, spacious lot, without the worry of trees, branches and sap that could damage your property.  Travel trailers and campers are parked on level spaces and all storage areas have excellent lighting from dusk to dawn.  We employ a full time grounds maintenance crew that manages the overall cleanliness of the storage facility and prevents the infestation of pests.  All parking surfaces are recycled compacted asphalt. Our extra wide aisle ways ensure easy maneuvering and parking, and plenty of space between you and your neighbor.  Call today for a facility tour and see the difference!

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