Coronavirus Safety

Walk Up Window Enclosure

Safety during the public health crisis is our top concern at Gateway Storage. Our office features an outdoor walk up window with two-way communication and a service drawer. During the winter months, the walk up area has been partially enclosed with temporary ventilated structure for your comfort.

We can process all types of transactions at the window while remaining Contact-Free. We also offer E-Sign for all documents.

Our office hours have remained the same: Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm.

For everyone’s safety, the interior of our front office is a staff-only space. Our field crew continues to work full-time on maintenance and improvements, keeping our facility safe, clean and fully operational. We continue to meet or exceed federal and local guidelines. Our staff wears face coverings and/or maintains social distancing when interacting with you in our open-air facility.

As a small business serving the Northern Virginia community we face many challenges during the Coronavirus crisis. We come to work each day fighting for our small business and for all of the small businesses our services support. We will continue to operate our business in the safest possible way for everyone.

Thank you for your support,

The Gateway Team