RV Tires – Do You Know How to Check the “Expiration” Date?

RV Tires don’t expire like the carton of milk in your fridge, but knowing where to look on the tires for critical information is a helpful part of your regular safety or maintenance routine.

The tire manufacture date is visible on the outer wall of each tire. The other numbers on the tire’s sidewall contain a wealth of information such as the tire’s recommended use, the size, load capacity and durability in terms of speed and temperature. The manufacture date is good to keep in mind when purchasing new tires as well. If the tire is on a deep discount, make sure it’s not aged.

Old tires can succumb to internal tire rot if they are older than 5 years even if they are rarely used. Unlike obvious external tire degradation, internal tire rot can easily go unnoticed and can result in major failure, like a blow-out. If you are new to RV or vehicle maintenance, placing a calendar reminder in your phone to alert you a few months before your tires are going to “expire” may be helpful to prevent an accident.

For more valuable tips on tires and RV’s check out RVillage’s blog post on tire maintenance and tire minders. There is even a video on how to handle a blow out of your RV tire.

Happy RV’ing!

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